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import Scaffolding.Scaffolder
import System.Environment (getArgs)
import System.Exit (exitWith, ExitCode (ExitSuccess))
import System.Process (rawSystem)
import Yesod.Core (yesodVersion)
import Control.Monad (unless)
import qualified Paths_yesod
import Data.Version (showVersion)
#ifndef WINDOWS
import Build (touch)
import Devel (devel)
import AddHandler (addHandler)
import Keter (keter)
windowsWarning :: String
#ifdef WINDOWS
windowsWarning = "\n (does not work on Windows)"
windowsWarning = ""
main :: IO ()
main = do
args' <- getArgs
let (isDev, args) =
case args' of
"--dev":rest -> (True, rest)
_ -> (False, args')
let cmd = if isDev then "cabal-dev" else "cabal"
#ifndef WINDOWS
let build rest = rawSystem cmd $ "build":rest
case args of
["init"] -> scaffold
#ifndef WINDOWS
"build":rest -> touch >> build rest >>= exitWith
["touch"] -> touch
"devel":rest -> devel isDev rest
"test":_ -> do
#ifndef WINDOWS
rawSystem' cmd ["configure", "--enable-tests", "-flibrary-only"]
rawSystem' cmd ["build"]
rawSystem' cmd ["test"]
["version"] -> do
putStrLn $ "yesod-core version:" ++ yesodVersion
putStrLn $ "yesod version:" ++ showVersion Paths_yesod.version
"configure":rest -> rawSystem cmd ("configure":rest) >>= exitWith
["add-handler"] -> addHandler
["keter"] -> keter cmd False
["keter", "--nobuild"] -> keter cmd True
_ -> do
putStrLn "Usage: yesod <command>"
putStrLn "Available commands:"
putStrLn " init Scaffold a new site"
putStrLn " configure Configure a project for building"
putStrLn $ " build Build project (performs TH dependency analysis)"
++ windowsWarning
putStrLn $ " touch Touch any files with altered TH dependencies but do not build"
++ windowsWarning
putStrLn " devel Run project with the devel server"
putStrLn " use --dev devel to build with cabal-dev"
putStrLn " test Build and run the integration tests"
putStrLn " use --dev devel to build with cabal-dev"
putStrLn " add-handler Add a new handler and module to your project"
putStrLn " keter Build a keter bundle"
putStrLn " use --dev devel to build with cabal-dev"
putStrLn " use --nobuild to skip rebuilding"
putStrLn " version Print the version of Yesod"
-- | Like @rawSystem@, but exits if it receives a non-success result.
rawSystem' :: String -> [String] -> IO ()
rawSystem' x y = do
res <- rawSystem x y
unless (res == ExitSuccess) $ exitWith res
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