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GoogleEmail authentication doesn't work #329

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I had a small Yesod project I was using to experiment, it was based off of 0.9 series I believe. Anyway, I recently converted it to 1.0 and found that the GoogleEmail authentication no longer works. After clicking on the link it arrives at an page that says:

The page you requested is invalid.

Could some external packages/libraries also affect the authentication process? I'm currently using Debian unstable.


Have you set approot correctly? GoogleEmail will require a proper absolute URL.


Apparently I did not :). Adding approot: "http://localhost:3000" to the settings.yml file fixed this.

Perhaps this is a separate issue but: would it make sense to set this as a default for the development session? Surely it could be derived from all the other settings?

It seems one less bump in the road for a beginner (like me:)) could be a good thing, especially in situations like the development where:

  1. beginners are immediately directed by tutorials and,
  2. there is enough information to actually infer this information reliably (it seems).

Yes, you make a good point, I'll fix the scaffolding. The reason to leave off the approot was so that the dev site would be accessible from other systems on the LAN, but having working authentication and RSS feeds out-of-the-box is a more important concern.

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