Julius interpolation should update when variables' contents change #567

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adimit commented Jul 3, 2013

I ran into this issue trying to populate a javascript variable with a list of JSON objects. Here's some pseudo-code setup that should easily lead to the expected result:

getHomeR = do
  records ← runDB $ selectList …
  defaultLayout $ do
    $(widgetFile "tableWidget")

And in the widget:

var records = #{toJSON records}; // the Haskell value containing the data.

renderRow = function(jsonObject) { … }
appendRowToTable = function(row) { … }

$(document).ready(function() {
    $.each(records, function(i,v) {

When the contents of the Haskell variable records change between requests, yesod --dev devel doesn't detect this, but instead serves the javascript corresponding to the old contents of the records variable.

There's a more detailed account of the situation in my stackoverflow question.

One of the commenters there indicates that this might be a problem specifically with yesod devel, but I haven't verified that yet.

@snoyberg snoyberg added a commit to yesodweb/shakespeare that referenced this issue Aug 4, 2013
@snoyberg snoyberg Reproducing test case for yesodweb/yesod#567 99a7440
snoyberg commented Aug 4, 2013

I've created a reproducing test case in yesodweb/shakespeare@99a7440. I've determined that this regression was introduced by yesodweb/shakespeare@5ba1366. The issue is that we now cache old contents regardless of the values of the variables.

Pinging @gregwebs, let me see if there's a way to fix this without losing all of the caching.

@snoyberg snoyberg added a commit to yesodweb/shakespeare that referenced this issue Aug 4, 2013
@snoyberg snoyberg Only cache the [Content]s, not the Builders yesodweb/yesod#567 77ddd97
snoyberg commented Aug 4, 2013

OK, I think I've got a fix for this. @gregwebs I'll send you a pull request on shakespeare. Once that's released, I'd like to ask @adimit to go ahead and test this again.

gregwebs commented Aug 4, 2013

thanks for reporting & fixing. I merged the pull request and will release in a bit

@gregwebs gregwebs closed this Aug 4, 2013
adimit commented Aug 18, 2013

I tried out the new release, and it works as expected now. Thanks for the fix!

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