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Blog Post Ideas

A list of blog post ideas to increase content for non-haskellers.

  • Building Wai/Yesod Applications!

    We've heard a lot about libraries :). We could talk more about what we are building and how. We have the wiki page but I only recently found this myself.

  • Refactoring a route (or model) in an application.

    Common pain-point in other frameworks is refactoring. I want to make core modifications to a web app; large or small, old or new. this can be quite fun in haskell and we should present it as so.

  • Deploying apps to Aws,Heroku,DigitalOcean,wherever; possibly with Docker (or some other container solution).

    This has been discussed many times and will probably always be on peoples minds. Given the rapid pace of these technologies it would be nice to talk about deployment in light of what we use as opposed to simply POC. What are Haskell developers using in production today?

  • More Javascript interoperability

    Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea but there is a breadth of Javascript libraries out there people like and are familiar with and would like to use.

  • Wai/Yesod microservices interacting with other services written with different tools.

  • Optimizing Persistent (when to use Esqueleto or raw sql).

    I have some apps with quite a few large "normalized" tables which require several get, getBy, select calls to pull an object. What are best practice for compensating the areas where Persistent might be lacking (e.g. joins).

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