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Cookbook File upload

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[WARNING] Yesod Cookbook has moved to a new place. Please contribute there.

This example was orginal posted by Michael Snoyman, see

See also the extended cookbook File upload saving files to server.

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings, QuasiQuotes, TemplateHaskell,
         TypeFamilies, MultiParamTypeClasses, FlexibleContexts #-}
import Yesod
import Control.Applicative

data File = File

instance Yesod File where
    approot = ApprootStatic ""
instance RenderMessage File FormMessage where
    renderMessage _ _ = defaultFormMessage

mkYesod "File" [parseRoutes|

form :: Html -> MForm File File (FormResult (FileInfo, Maybe FileInfo), Widget)
form = renderDivs $ (,) <$> fileAFormReq "File" <*> fileAFormOpt "Optional file"

getRootR :: Handler RepHtml
getRootR = do
    ((_, widget), enctype) <- runFormPost form
    defaultLayout [whamlet|$newline never
<form method=post enctype=#{enctype}>
    <input type=submit>

postRootR :: Handler RepHtml
postRootR = do
    ((result, widget), enctype) <- runFormPost form
    let msubmission = case result of
            FormSuccess res -> Just res
            _ -> Nothing
    defaultLayout $ do
        [whamlet|$newline never
$maybe (firstfile, second) <- msubmission
    <p>File received: #{fileName firstfile}
    $maybe secondfile <- second
        <p>Second file received: #{fileName secondfile}
<form method=post enctype=#{enctype}>
    <input type=submit>

main :: IO ()
main = warpDebug 3000 File
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