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You made it! You're currently looking behind the scenes at yesodweb.com, the project page for Yesod. I'm not going to explain what Yesod is, that you learn when you point your browser to the link in the previous sentence.

The project page of Yesod is powered by... Yesod! And in this repository you can see how that is done: a good place to see Yesod applied in practice.



Install Haskell Stack and that should take care of installing GHC and other dependencies.

Getting yesodweb.com

Since yesodweb.com changes often we advise anyone to get it through git (available on most platforms) so it is easy to keep up to date.

First time install is as follows:

git clone https://github.com/yesodweb/yesodweb.com.git
cd yesodweb.com
git submodule update --init

To update the repos do:

cd yesodweb.com
git pull && git submodule update



cd yesodweb.com
stack build


Easy too...

stack exec yesodweb -- Development --port 3000

Now point your browser to