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Title: Community
<p>Yesod has an active, vibrant community that is happy to help you get started. If you want to get involved, you should check out:</p>
<table class="community">
<th><a href="" title="Yesod on Stack Overflow">Stack Overflow</a></th>
<td>for help questions. Make sure to include the Yesod and haskell tags.</td>
<th><a href="" title="YesodWeb google group">Yesod google group</a></th>
<td>for Yesod specific discussions. There is also a very low traffic <a href="">web-devel mailing list</a> for more general haskell web development discussions.</td>
<th>IRC channel Freenode#yesod</th>
<td>For help, brainstorming, or just hanging out. Activity varies greatly - don't expect your burning issues to be answered or even anyone to be available to respond - please use StackOverflow and the google group if you must get feedback.</td>
<th><a href="">Github Issue Tracker</a></th>
<td>for reporting bugs. If you are unsure if you are encountering a bug, ask on the mail list or on IRC. If you have an installation error, please report on the mail list.</td>
<th><a href="/wiki" title="Yesod Wiki">Yesod Wiki</a></th>
<td>This is a great place to post documentation and tutorials.</td>
<th><a href="">Haskell Reddit</a></th>
<td>is a good place to share Yesod related blog posts.</td>
<p>If you want to participate with Yesod even more, we have two highly recommended approaches for beginners:</p>
<li>Work on Wiki documentation, especially <a href="">the cookbook</a>.</li>
<li><a href="">Create add-ons</a>.</li>
<p>If you want to dig into the codebase itself, please check out <a href="">the Yesod issue tracker</a> and pick something to work on. If you have any questions, the mailing list are IRC are great places to get some help.</p>
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