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cabal install yesod-platform [Fixes yesodweb/yesod#339]
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2 parents 95893e7 + 12b6bb2 commit b6c2c71893381e2511bc26e45e0b76af4c4a1fd1 @snoyberg snoyberg committed Apr 21, 2012
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@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
<ul id="10-ul_fwo_zrw_ff">
<li id="10-x-21"><cmdname id="10-x-22">cabal update</cmdname> will download the most recent list of packages from
- <li id="10-x-23"><cmdname id="10-x-24">cabal install yesod</cmdname> will install Yesod and all its dependencies.</li>
+ <li id="10-x-23"><cmdname id="10-x-24">cabal install yesod-platform</cmdname> will install Yesod and all its dependencies.</li>
<note id="10-x-25">Many people in the community prefer to perform sandboxed builds of their Haskell
packages, which prevents your install Yesod from breaking existing packages, or packages you

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