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Problems with blog example in book #2

luite opened this Issue Apr 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Yesod Web Framework member
luite commented Apr 15, 2012

I'm not sure if I can fix it directly on github or if the book's pages are still generated from some other source, so I'm reporting it here first. Some problems found by shapr on the yesod IRC channel:

  • in the browser, it looks like there's a line break on the share .. [persistLowercase| line
  • I18n section doesn't mention that file should be named en.msg and shakespeare doesn't give a helpful message either.
  • en.msg file contents should be highlighted or typeset differently somehow, line breaks are messed up
  • generateFormPost result type was changed
  • fieldLabel needs SomeMessage now
  • indenting between sections of code is difficult to keep track of, better provide a download link for the code (and en.msg)
Yesod Web Framework member

I need to clean up the output conversion. The only thing that I think can be handled outside of the converter is the first issue: Do you think it would make sense to either make the content area wider or have codeblocks automatically scroll?

Yesod Web Framework member
luite commented Apr 17, 2012

Perhaps code blocks could be allowed to stretch a little wider than the text column, but I think scrolling is better than wrapping in any case. Users can have a larger font setting so that it wraps in their browser when it doesn't in others.

Yesod Web Framework member
snoyberg commented Jun 5, 2012

I believe these issues are all addressed now. Please reopen if not.

@snoyberg snoyberg closed this Jun 5, 2012
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