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This repo demonstrates some rudimentary technical solution details to provide basic understandings of blockchain technology and the basic concepts of quantum key defense in a simple demo blockchain. The implementation of the quantum key defense in the operational Quantum Blockchain® for AIPD® wallet is far more complex than these basic concepts.

Blockchain Bootstrap Security (BBS) server with Quantum Key Security on AIHPC GovCloud

Blockchain Bootstrap Security (BBS) server on AIHPC cloud to secure sensitive/AI data with SHA256 hash and salt. See details in the Amazon training book at Contact:

Setup on AIHPC GovCloud

Launch an AIHPC cloud instance:

For industrial users, you may go to the AWS marketplace at to launch an EC2 instance of the AIHPC cloud.

For GovCloud users, in the EC2 launch site of AWS GovCloud management console, you may search the GovCloud marketplace for “AIHPC” and launch an AIHPC server in the GovCloud (US) region. AIHPC is certified on regulated workload and sensitive data by AWS GovCloud for U.S. persons thus works best for U.S. government users.

Get the code after SSH into the AIHPC GovCloud instance:

git clone

Install dependencies from the GovCloud SSH terminal:

$ cd blockchain-demo/
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install npm 
$ sudo apt-get install nodejs
$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
$ npm install

Run the server from the GovCloud SSH terminal:


Point a web browser at the demo (replace localhost with IP of AIHPC GovCloud):


BBS Server for Blockchain SHA256 Security on AIHPC GovCloud

REST API by the BBS server - from the GovCloud SSH terminal:

~/blockchain-demo/public/javascripts $ vi www_hashsalt.js
REST API Usage: 
1 start API REST server: node www_hashsalt.js
2 web: http://localhost:3001/?data=123&salt=456

Console utility to secure sensitive data with hash and salt

~/blockchain-demo/public/javascripts $ vi call_hashsalt_api.js
Console Usage: node call_hashsalt_api.js data salt

Setup using Docker

Get the code:

git clone

Run the Docker setup:

cd blockchain-demo
docker-compose up -d

Point a web browser at the demo:


Can AIHPC ML Algos break BBS Quantum Keys?

Can the ML/AI predict the next quantum key to be generated?

Send Thanks

Bitcoin greatfully accepted: 132aTbnUoSHQtew7vhQV4czrB2nSxcmfZo



Demonstrate Nextgen Quantum Blockchain on AIHPC ( to Defend Quantum Attacks. Contact:





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