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LaTeX sources and files related to the YesWorkflow paper first presented at IDCC'15, and later published in the International Journal of Digital Curation.

Final published version of paper

T. McPhillips, T. Song, T. Kolisnik, S. Aulenbach, K. Belhajjame, R.K. Bocinsky, Y. Cao, J. Cheney, F. Chirigati, S. Dey, J. Freire, C. Jones, J. Hanken, K.W. Kintigh, T.A. Kohler, D. Koop, J.A. Macklin, P. Missier, M. Schildhauer, C. Schwalm, Y. Wei, M. Bieda, B. Ludäscher (2015). YesWorkflow: A User-Oriented, Language-Independent Tool for Recovering Workflow Information from Scripts. International Journal of Digital Curation 10, 298-313. [PDF]

Summary of repository contents

  • The IDCC15-article directory contains the LaTeX sources and PDF for the revision of the paper presented at IDCC'15 and published to
  • The yw-ijdc-2015 directory contains the LaTeX sources and PDF for the final version published in IJDC.
  • The examples directory contains input scripts and resulting YesWorkflow outputs for four example scripts.

Repository Tags

This repository is tagged to indicate revisions of the paper published in different venues:

Tag Date Description Paper Revision
idcc15practice 21Jan15 Revision submitted to IDCC 2015 as a practice paper. yw-idcc15-preprint.pdf
idcc15arxiv 09Feb15 Revision submitted to yw-idcc15-arxiv.pdf
IJDCsubmission 03Mar15 Revision submitted for publication in IJDC. yw-ijdc-2015.pdf


LaTeX sources and examples for the IDCC'15 and IJDC articles.



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