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The yw-matlab module contains a YesWorkflow (YW) module and command line tools for interacting with the DataONE MATLAB RunManager. These tools make the RunManager's records of script runs and data provenance available to YW so that this retrospective provenance information can be queried in terms of, and in combination with, the prospective provenance revealed by YW annotations in the MATLAB scripts.

This repository also contains example MATLAB scripts marked up with YW annotations, the products of running YW on the scripts, and example prospective and retrospective queries of the provenance records jointly created by YW and the DataONE RunManager for runs of each script.

Problems solved by this package

The key feature currently implemented by this package is the ability to use the RunManager's authoritative list of input and output files for a script run when reconstructing the detailed provenance of a script's outputs using YesWorkflow.

This capability promises to be superior to YW's default behavior of searching the file system for files that match the URI templates declared for @INand @OUT ports in the script when reconstructing script runs. An example of a situation where the default approach to reconstructing runs will fail is when the outputs from multiple runs of a script intermingle in the same directory or a single directory tree. In such situations the core, language-neutral implementation of YesWorkflow currently cannot determine which files are associated with a particular run. Because the MATLAB RunManager records all the files that are read or written by a run of MATLAB script, the extended version of YW that uses this information does not share this weakness.

YesWorkflow extracts variable values from the file paths that match the URI templates declared via YW annotations in the same manner for MATLAB RunManager recorded file paths as for files discovered on the file system by the default reconstruction mechanism. Consequently both approaches to run resource discovery support the same kinds of queries of the retrospective provenance.

Layout of repository

Directory Description
src/main/resources/scripts MATLAB scripts for working with the RunManager and exporting provenance records for importing into YesWorkflow.
src/main/resources/examples Example scripts and associated data files, provenance records, and results of prospective and retrospective provenance queries for runs of each script.
src/main/java/org/yesworkflow/matlab Java package that extends YesWorkflow with the ability to import script run records exported from the MATLAB RunManager.
src/test/java/org/yesworkflow/matlab Unit tests for the Java classes in the org.yesworkflow.matlab package.



The example script and data files currently used to exercise the tools in this repository are based on those used in the DataONE MATLAB Toolbox Walk-through.

Files for this example are located at src/main/resources/examples/C3_C4_mapping. Layout of directories and files within this example directory:

Directory or file Description
C3_C4_map_present_NA.m The MATLAB script marked up with YW annotations.
inputs/ Script input data files.
outputs/ Outputs from one run of the script.
yw/ YesWorkflow configuration and output files.
yw/xsb/extractfacts.P, yw/xsb/modelfacts.P, yw/xsb/reconfacts.P Fact files created by YesWorkflow and containing the prospective and retrospective provenance captured by YW.
yw/xsb/rules.P Logic rules for querying the YW-written facts.
yw/xsb/extract_queries.P, yw/xsb/model_queries.P, yw/xsb/recon_queries.P Queries employing the rules defined in rules.P.
yw/xsb/ Bash script for running all of the queries.
yw/xsb/run_queries.txt The output produced by running all of the queries using

YesWorkflow combined view of script

Combined YW view of C3_C4_map_present_NA.m

YW provenance queries

The following is a summary of the queries posed by running yw/xsb/ and the corresponding results.

Queries about the script and the YW annotations extracted from it

See extract_queries.P for definitions of the queries.

| Query | Result

----|-------|-------- EQ1 | What source files were YW annotations extracted from? | ../C3_C4_map_present_NA.m EQ2 | What are the names of all program blocks in the script? | generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction, fetch_monthly_mean_precipitation_data, C3_C4_map_present_NA, examine_pixels_for_grass, generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, fetch_SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable, generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction, fetch_monthly_mean_air_temperature_data, initialize_Grass_Matrix EQ3 | What out ports are qualified with URIs? | Grass_fraction_data, C4_fraction_data, C3_fraction_data

Queries about the workflow model of the script (prospective provenance)

See model_queries.P for definitions of the queries.

| Query | Result

----|-------|-------- MQ1 | Where is the definition of program block fetch_monthly_mean_precipitation_data? | SourceFile=../C3_C4_map_present_NA.m, StartLine=59, EndLine=69 MQ2 | What is the name of the top-level workflow? | C3_C4_map_present_NA MQ3 | What are the names of the program blocks comprising the workflow? | generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction, examine_pixels_for_grass, initialize_Grass_Matrix, fetch_monthly_mean_precipitation_data, fetch_monthly_mean_air_temperature_data, fetch_SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable MQ4 | What are the names of the program blocks in the workflow that produce workflow outputs? | generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction MQ5 | What are the inputs to the script? | mean_precip, mean_airtemp, SYNMAP_land_cover_map_data MQ6 | What data is output by program block examine_pixels_for_grass? | C4_Data, C3_Data MQ7 | What program blocks provide input directly to generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction? | initialize_Grass_Matrix, fetch_SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable MQ8 | What programs have input ports that receive data lon_variable? | generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction MQ9 | How many ports read data lat_variable? | 3 MQ10 | How many data are read by more than port in workflow C3_C4_map_present_NA? | 4 MQ11 | What program blocks are immediately downstream of examine_pixels_for_grass? | generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction MQ12 | What program blocks are immediately upstream of generate_netcdf_file_for_Grass_fraction? | initialize_Grass_Matrix, fetch_SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable MQ13 | What program blocks are upstream of generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction? | examine_pixels_for_grass, fetch_monthly_mean_precipitation_data, fetch_monthly_mean_air_temperature_data, fetch_SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable MQ14 | What program blocks are anywhere downstream of fetch_monthly_mean_precipitation_data? | generate_netcdf_file_for_C4_fraction, generate_netcdf_file_for_C3_fraction, examine_pixels_for_grass MQ15 | What data is immediately downstream of Tair_Matrix? | C4_Data, C3_Data MQ16 | What data is immediately upstream of Grass_fraction_data? | Grass_variable, lat_bnds_variable, lon_bnds_variable, lat_variable, lon_variable MQ17 | What data is downstream of Rain_Matrix? | C4_Data, C3_Data, C4_fraction_data, C3_fraction_data MQ18 | What data is upstream of SYNMAP_land_cover_map_variable? | MQ19 | What URI variables are associated with reads of data mean_airtemp? | month, end_year, start_year MQ20 | What URI variables do data read into mean_precip and mean_airtemp have in common? | start_year, end_year, month

Queries about a run of the script (retrospective provenance)

See recon_queries.P for definitions of the queries.

| Query | Result

----|-------|-------- RQ1| What input files were used to compose the precipitation array Rain_Matrix? | inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/, inputs/narr_apcp_rescaled_monthly/ RQ2 | How many input files were used to compose the air temperature array Tair_Matrix? | 12 RQ3 | What input files provided the data used to derive the workflow output Grass_fraction_data? | inputs/land_cover/ RQ4 | What is the range of years over which the data in the mean_precip input files were collected? | StartYear=2000, EndYear=2010 RQ5 | What months of the year do the mean_airtemp input files correspond to? | 7, 2, 3,5,8,10,4,9,11,1,6,12


YesWorkflow module for importing provenance from MATLAB script runs recorded by the DataONE RunManager.




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