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YesWorkflow is software that aims to provide a number of the benefits of using a scientific workflow management system without having to rewrite scripts and other scientific software.

Rather than reimplementing code so that it can be executed and managed by a workflow engine, a YesWorkflow user simply adds special YesWorkflow (YW) comments to existing scripts. These comments declare how data is used and results produced, step by step, by the script. The YesWorkflow tools interpret the YW comments and produce graphical output that reveals the stages of computation and the flow of data in the script.

The yw-prototypes repository contains early implementations of YesWorkflow. For information on how to get started using or developing with YesWorkflow, please read the README for yw-prototypes.

The wiki pages below provides additional documentation for YesWorkflow.

Wiki Contents

Page Description
Contributors Individuals, projects, and institutions contributing to YesWorkflow.
Copyright and License Text of the Apache 2.0 license for YesWorkflow.
Modular Architecture Purpose and relationships of YesWorkflow software components.
Future Capabilities YesWorkflow features planned or under development.
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