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# NOTE: This is only a rough summary for some of the more significant changes.
# For a more accurate and detailed listing of changes, check the git log.
* Add disclaimer to top of ChangeLog.
* Don't hard-code the name of "reswrap" in Makefile, use $RESWRAP instead.
* Show message if user tries to add custom tools to toolbar, but none are defined.
* Made setting of path in scripted file dialogs behave a little better.
* Turn assertion checking OFF by default.
* Fixed behavior of cursor after tab orientation is changed.
* Move tab-shading code to a separate class, use also for preferences dialog.
* Reworked syntax tab of preferences dialog, moved code to a separate source file.
* Update to Scintilla-3.0.0.
* Show "hourglass" cursor while loading help file.
* New feature: Open files by Drag-and-Drop (from file managers, etc.)
* Fix linker problem with Lua and libdl on newer Ubuntu etc.
* Update Win32 patches for FOX-1.7.31.
* Fixed some focus problems in popup menu.
* Made the command to change case of selection also work for UTF-8.
* Always expand first level of tree in working directory selection dialog.
* Made bracket-matching behavior more configurable.
* Added a setting to adjust line spacing for the editor font.
* PDF export fixes: Plain text style initialization; UTF8 to ISO8859 conversions.
* Bump version to 0.8
* Support for compose keys (aka "dead keys") input method in FOX >= 1.7.29.
* Cleaner exit from application if invalid command line option is found.
* Update to Scintilla-2.28 from HG 3828:118f544099e7.
* Fix language detection when saving a newly-created *.h file.
* Install basic icon and desktop files for integration.
* Make zoom factor persistent.
* The config directory location referred to in the help text was incorrect for FOX-1.7.
* Added a "soft" line-wrapping option.
* Don't append trailing newline when inserting output of external commands/filters.
* Added the ability to set tab widths on a per-language basis.
* Remove some clutter from syntax dialog.
* Fix problem with "File not found" dialog not grabbing the focus as it should.
* Avoid a SIGABRT crash when selection is requested from destroyed text field.
* Configuration setting for maximum width of document tab titles.
* Rework code for setting initial window size; remember screen dimensions.
* Made highlighting of active document tab more subtle.
* Changes to compile with FOX-1.7.27 snapshot from June 29, 2011.
* Improve international keyboard support in UTF-8 mode.
* Fixed a possible crash when a file is neither 7-bit/ASCII nor UTF-8.
* Fixed a crash in "Open Selected" command when caret is at end of document.
* Added "Modula" syntax option to "Legacy" language menu.
* Update to Scintilla-2.26 from HG 3676:45219ddfa50c.
* Fixed a compiler error with older FOX versions.
* Reverted the ifdef for MINIX, because FOX handles the condition now.
* Moved FXList handling out of CmdIO object, let application take care of it.
* Adjust RGB/BGR color ordering for latest FOX snapshot.
* Use Windows' GetTempPath() function for temp file directory on win32.
* Avoid possible stack overflow in CmdIO object.
* Distinguish between stdout and stderr in event handler for CmdIO object.
* Added line-oriented event routine to CmdIO class.
* Speed up appending lines to ouput pane.
* Made line number environment $l for external commands start at 1 not 0.
* Reworked "Open Selected" command, added GUI to configure include paths.
* Check some other possibile names for FOX pkg-config script.
* Use pkg-config for X11 flags.
* Use $(LIBINTL) linker flags from autoconf for libintl support.
* Define POSIX for Lua on FreeBSD: this enables io.popen()
* Put our paths to liblua and fxscintilla ahead of other linker paths.
* Removed invalid/unused Lua compiler source file.
* Portability fixes when bootstrapping the build process on non-Linux systems.
* Updated to Scintilla 2.24+ from HG 3534:73cb21344705.
* Added configurable settings for output pane error-matching expressions.
* Fixes to compile and run on MINIX.
* Improved portability of socket code.
* Handle last-focused document of session on a per-server basis.
* Fixed a probelm with oriented drawing of tabbook tabs.
* Removed invalid documentation about transforming case in regex substitution.
* Reworked sizing and layout of the tools dialog.
* Code clean-up for tools dialog.
* Fixed a bug in determining file permission for new tools.
* Added "theme" support (Customizable colors and fonts for GUI.)
* Made toolbar buttons look flat, unless they are toggled "on".
* Avoid running multiple macros and/or external commands at the same time.
* Renamed some accidentally overloaded virtual functions.
* Remember previously-focused document when restoring session.
* Loading of help window text is slightly faster.
* Fixed a segfault when prompted to edit an error in the shutdown script.
* Merged "Open File" and "Open Files" into one dialog (Note the "M" button.)
* Improved keyboard navigation in file dialogs.
* Updated to Scintilla-2.23+.
* Sort the contents of configuration files for easier reading by humans.
* Fixed bug where toolbar settings were not properly restored. (Thanks, Igor)
* Isolated inter-process communication code, maybe useful for other projects.
* Straightened out some entangled header dependencies.
* Removed some application-specific dependencies from the backup manager class.
* Added edit menu items for extended deletion commands.
* Improved horizontal scrolling of long lines.
* Tab width and indent width can now be configured separately.
* Try X-selection and "filename:NN" format for "Open selected" command.
* Fixed a memory leak when saving files.
* Resume watching for external changes after saving a file.
* When saving file under a new name, add old name to recent files menu.
* Bump version to 0.7.
* Prevent running multiline commands from Tools menu input dialogs.
* Improved automatic sizing of custom dialogs.
* Updates and tweaks to FOX patches for Win9x compatibility.
* Respect newline format when copying from output pane to clipboard.
* Allow for manually-edited filename in file dialogs on Win32.
* Make sure file exists when loading "tags" file.
* Improve error reporting on MS-Windows.
* Fixed saving of "hidden" files on MS-Windows.
* New configuration directory and migration for MS-Windows.
* Added scripting function to return current configuration directory.
* Adjust window size according to screen size on first run.
* Fixed a serious crash bug with Fox-1.6 when editing file filters.
* Moved configuration directory from ~/.foxrc to XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
* Added "a68k" and "txt2tags" to language menu.
* Preserve clipboard data when closing a document that "owns" the clipboard.
* Check for valid working directory before running external command.
* Use tree-style dialog for pickfile() scripting function "dir" mode.
* Add menu command to change working directory.
* Improve handling of whitespace when parsing "shabang" line.
* Fix for strndup() portability issue for FreeBSD etc.
* Updated FXScintilla to version 2.22.0 (git 75b260a).
* Implemented four missing SCI_DEL* functions in macro recorder.
* Use "edge" instead of "line" for mode name in fxite.delete() function.
* Expanded functionality for the fxite.delete() function.
* Fix for format warning on 64 bit systems.
* Check for -v or -h command line options before initializing display.
* Added the capability to use custom window icons.
* Refocus document after clicking a sub-menu command or toolbar button.
* Added an option to remember the previously-selected file dialog filter.
* Fixed macro record/playback to work with auto-indent. (thanks again Ed A.)
* Ignore case of font names when searching for a suitable editor font on first run.
* Fixed to compile on Fedora-13 and Ubuntu.
* Added an option to make selected custom tools "hidden" on the tools menu.
* Fixed a crash when deleting a custom tool that was referenced by a toolbar button.
* Fixed an error calculating index of menu accelerators in tool manager.
* Set the initial focus to the "Name" field when creating a new tool manager item.
* Default to OFF for "View -> Line numbers"
* Updated Scintilla to 2.12 release.
* Make smart indent work better when ENTER is pressed between adjacent braces {}
* Resolve path of filename in file open dialog when a name is entered manually.
* Indicate to users they can't manually enter file names in "Open files" dialog.
* Added a command line option to print version info.
* Bump version to 0.6
* Set initial focus set to the edit field for file save dialogs.
* Resolve hotkey conflict in search dialogs (thanks to Ed A.)
* Dismiss active menu before displaying external changes dialog (fixes possible crash).
* Change behaviour of Help->About boxes.
* Fixed automatic sizing of custom dialogs in scripts for FOX 1.6
* Use Ctrl+Shift consistently for menu labels, some were using Shift+Ctrl.
* Fixed: custom tools dialog sometimes suggested wrong file extension for new items.
* Fixed pointer arithmetic warnings in "listdlls.c"
* Make sure filename field is initialized for fxite.pickfile("dir") function.
* Append history when history dialogs are confirmed by mouse click.
* Split FOX-specific and application-specific macro functions into separate files.
* Update file dialog filters when preferences dialog is dismissed.
* Prompt for unsaved changes if tool manager is closed from window menu.
* Added a dialog to edit the filter list for file dialogs.
* Fixed copy/paste operations in rectangular selections.
* Fixed some of the issues with running external commands on Windows.
* Copy right margin indicator setting for split view
* Remember secondary view's cursor position when reloading file
* Made convert selection to upper/lower case also work for UTF-8 text.
* Updated Scintilla to 2.3.0 CVS (2010-03-25)
* Open windows *.lnk files from command line.
* Allow forced opening of broken UTF-8 files.
* Added a new "smart" auto-indent option.
* Add Lua functions to get process id and window id.
* Fixed a bug with ActivePage() sometimes incorrectly returning NULL.
* Prevent stealing focus from windows raised by Tools commands.
* Update Scintilla to 2.0.3 (from CVS)
* Bump version to 0.5
* Fixed an error in the handling of style bits and colourising.
* Fixed a small line wrapping nit in the help text.
* Fixed a bug with losing reference to document's filename.
* Export WM_CLIENT_MACHINE and _NET_WM_PID atoms to X-server.
* Made a better looking WM_CLASS name for X11
* Ignore -q option when starting a new instance.
* Avoid calling TopWindow::close() after window is deleted.
* Made "find tag definition" fail silently if no tag files are loaded.
* Replaced deprecated calls to luaL_openlib with luaL_register.
* Fixed spelling of view_clear_output in help file.
* Fixed updating of syntax when saving a new document.
* Fixed a bug when middle-click pasting to an empty top line.
* Fix default titlebar text for scripted dialogs.
* Prevent oversized script dialogs caused by too much text.
* Fixed a problem with the help dialog not closing, and made it resizable.
* Fixed a bug with help text not being properly terminated.
* Made scripting function "xsel" more robust.
* Fixed broken view_language() scripting function.
* Upgraded FXScintilla to the latest "official" Scintilla 2.02 release.
* New scripting function lexer() returns Scintilla lexer name.
* Made file dialogs on MS-Windows handle *.lnk files a little better.
* Fixed detection of null bytes in test for binary files.
* Bump version to 0.4
* Allow files with \007 char's (e.g. configure scripts) as plain-text.
* Don't build local lua if using system lua.
* Prevent endless loop on some empty regex conditions.
* Protect unbalanced calls to batch() function in scripts.
* Expose "userland" search behavior to scripting engine.
* Improve behavior of recorded searches.
* Add contact information to help file.
* Preserve escape sequences in regex search/replace operations.
* Bump version to 0.3
* Minor fixes to compile on FreeBSD
* Improve detection and handling of UTF-8 files
* Fix crash with xim-enabled fox-1.6
* Fix empty font dialog on Win32
* Improved handling of UTF-8 text
* Fix to compile on x86_64
* Bump version to 0.2
* Initial release
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