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A graphical user interface for WorldEdit. WorldEditCUI is designed to assist in using WorldEdit, as well as preventing accidental errors.

Please note that this is not WorldEdit, which allows you to make changes to your world, but WorldEditCUI, a frontend for WorldEdit. You must have WorldEdit installed on your server or in SinglePlayerCommands to use this mod.


You need to have Maven installed (, as that will include the necessary dependencies and package the mod automatically. If there are any missing dependencies, you may need to download and build them manually.

Note: For Maven to work properly, be sure to add Maven to your "PATH".

Once installed, there is a setup process before building WorldEditCUI.

  1. Put the most recent minecraft.jar into the root WorldEditCUI folder. Note that minecraft.jar needs to have the most recent ModLoader installed. Afterwards, run the following code:

    mvn install:install-file -Dfile=minecraft.jar -DpomFile=minecraft.pom

This will install minecraft.jar into the maven repository.

  1. Go back to the WorldEditCUI root folder, and run the following code:

    mvn -f deobf.xml clean install

This will create a new minecraft jar in your repository with some renamed classes, to aid in development.

  1. Finally, run the following code to build WorldEditCUI:

    mvn clean install

This will build the classes, and reobfuscate them to Minecraft's default class naming scheme.

After you have done steps 1, you do not need to do this again unless Minecraft updates, which means that a new version needs to be added to the local repository. Step 2 only needs to be run if obfuscation.txt is changed.


Developing is a tricky business, and the more eyes, the better! I'm always welcome to contributions to the code! If you find a security problem, a rendering improvement, or any way to make the code better, feel free to fork WorldEditCUI on GitHub, add your changes, and then submit a pull request. We'll look at it, make comments, and merge it if we think your changes are good enough.


If you need help installing, find a bug, or just want to talk about WorldEditCUI, feel free to pop in to #lahwran on If you want to talk to me in private, you can also send me a message on GitHub. All messages on GitHub are sent to my email, so I'll get back to you quickly.

Continuous Integration

WorldEditCUI is continuously integrated, which means that each time a commit is made to the repository, it is also build and packaged automatically. WorldEditCUI uses Bamboo, and it is hosted at

Development builds are run automatically, and should not be relied upon.


  • lahwran - Creator of the original WorldEdit CUI!
  • sk89q for writing the WorldEdit plugin!
  • TomyLobo and zml2008 for maintaining WorldEdit!
  • Apache Commons for the join() methods!
  • Mojang - for making such an awesome game!

Legal stuff

This code is licensed under the Eclipse Public License.