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(ns yetibot.core.repl
"Load this namespace when working with yetibot in the REPL or during dev."
[yetibot.core.init :as init]
[ :as chat]
[clojure.stacktrace :refer [print-stack-trace]]
[punk.adapter.jvm :as paj]
[yetibot.core.db :as db]
[yetibot.core.logging :as logging] ; enable logging to file
[yetibot.core.models.users :as users]
[yetibot.core.monitoring :as monitoring]
[yetibot.core.loader :as loader :refer [load-ns]]
[yetibot.core.adapters :as adapters]))
; use a few non-network commands for dev
(defn load-minimal []
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.category :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.about :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.collections :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.nil :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.default-command :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.echo :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.error :reload)
(require ' :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.history :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.observe :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.alias :reload)
(require ' :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.users :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.that :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.commands.render :reload)
(require 'yetibot.core.observers.users :reload))
(defn load-minimal-with-db []
(defn start
"Load a minimal set of commands, start the database and connect to chat adapters"
;; commands should be loaded last, just like in yetibot.core.init
;; otherwise multiple hooks can get registered somehow
(defn start-offline
"Offline repl-driven dev mode"
(defn stop []
(defn reset []
(defn load-all [] (future (loader/load-all)))
(defn help
The Yetibot dev REPL is intended to be used during interactive development
as is commonly practiced in the Clojure community (see if you want to learn more
about interactive development with a REPL).
Here are a few commands it provides:
(start) - run Yetibot with your config and a small subset of core commands.
(reset) - useful during dev to reload and restart Yetibot
(stop) - stop Yetibot - can be useful e.g. to free up the webserver port
(load-all) - load everything instead of the subset of Yetibot
Have more questions?
- Check out the docs at
- Join Slack at and ask away!
HTH! λλλ