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(ns yetibot.core.webapp.routes.healthz
[yetibot.core.db :as db]
[taoensso.timbre :refer [warn]]
[yetibot.core.adapters.adapter :as adapter]
[compojure.core :refer [GET defroutes]]))
(defn fully-operational?
"To be considered healthy and fully operational, a Yetibot must always:
- have successfully connected
- be connected to all configured adapters"
;; adapters
(fn [a]
(or (adapter/connected? a)
(warn (adapter/uuid a)
(adapter/platform-name a)
"is not connected")))
(def plain-text {"Content-Type" "text/plain"})
;; Yetibot's health check endpoints are intended for use by health checks for
;; any platform, but suited particularly for Kubernetes liveness and readiness
;; probes:
(defroutes healthz-routes
;; intended for readiness probe
(GET "/healthz/ready" [& _]
;; if we can serve traffic, we are "READY"
{:status 200 :body "OK" :headers plain-text})
;; intended for liveness (and/or startup) probes, which restart a container if
;; a liveness check fails a configurable threshold
(GET "/healthz" [& _]
(if (fully-operational?)
{:status 200 :body "OK" :headers plain-text}
{:status 503 :body "Service Unavailable" :headers plain-text})))