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(ns yetibot.core.commands.category
[taoensso.timbre :refer [info warn error]]
[ :as c]
[yetibot.core.adapters.adapter :as a]
[ :as chat]
[clojure.string :as s]
[yetibot.core.hooks :refer [cmd-hook] :as h]))
(def categories
{:img "returns an image url"
:fun "generally fun and not work-related"
:meme "returns a meme"
:gif "returns a gif"
:ci "continuous integration"
:issue "issue tracker"
:infra "infrastructure automation"
:chart "returns a chart of some kind"
:info "information lookups (e.g. wiki, wolfram, weather)"
:repl "language REPLs"
:util "utilities that help transform expressions or operate Yetibot"
:crude "may return crude, racy and potentially NSFW results (e.g. urban)"
:collection "operates on collections"
:broken "known to be broken, probably due to an API that disappeared"
:async "commands that execute asynchronously"}))
(defn show-all-cmd
"category # show category names and descriptions and whether they are enabled or disabled"
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{:keys [chat-source]}]
(let [disabled-cats (set (c/cat-settings-key (c/settings-for-chat-source chat-source)))]
(for [[c desc] categories]
(if (disabled-cats c) "🚫 " "")
(name c) ": " desc))))
(defn valid-cat? [c] (get categories (keyword c)))
(defn set-cat
"Disables or enables a category and returns a pair indicating [success msg]"
[channel category disabled?]
(let [c (keyword category)]
; validate the category exists
(if (get categories c)
(a/uuid chat/*adapter*) channel
(fn [current-channel-settings]
(let [current-disabled (set (c/cat-settings-key current-channel-settings))
f (if disabled? conj disj)]
(assoc current-channel-settings
(f current-disabled c)))))
[true "success"])
[false (str category
" is not a known category. Use `category names` to view the list.")])))
(defn disable-cat-cmd
"category disable <category-name> # disable a category by name"
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{[_ c] :match cs :chat-source}]
(let [[success? msg] (set-cat (:room cs) c true)]
(if success?
{:result/value (str "Disabled " c)}
{:result/error msg})))
(defn enable-cat-cmd
"category enable <category-name> # enable a category by name"
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{[_ c] :match cs :chat-source}]
(let [[success? msg] (set-cat (:room cs) c false)]
(if success?
{:result/value (str "Enabled " c)}
{:result/error msg})))
(defn category-list-cmd
"category list <category-name> # list available commands in <category-name>"
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{[_ c] :match}]
(if (valid-cat? c)
{:result/value (map (comp :doc meta) (h/cmds-for-cat c))}
{:result/error (str c " is not a valid category. Use `category names` to view the list.")}))
(defn category-names-cmd
"category names # list known category names"
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{[_ c] :match cs :chat-source}]
{:result/value (map name (keys categories))
:result/data categories})
(cmd-hook #"category"
#"disable\s+(\S+)" disable-cat-cmd
#"enable\s+(\S+)" enable-cat-cmd
#"list\s+(\S+)" category-list-cmd
#"names" category-names-cmd
_ show-all-cmd)