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(ns yetibot.core.commands.history
[taoensso.timbre :refer [info]]
[yetibot.core.models.history :as h]
[clojure.string :refer [blank? join split]]
[yetibot.core.hooks :refer [cmd-hook]]))
(def consumables #{"head" "tail" "count" "grep" "random"})
(defn split-cmd [cmd-with-args] (split cmd-with-args #"\s"))
(defn should-consume-cmd? [cmd-with-args]
(let [[cmd & _] (split-cmd cmd-with-args)]
(consumables cmd)))
(defn history-for-cmd-sequence [next-cmds chat-source extra-where]
(let [[next-cmd & args] (split-cmd (first next-cmds))
;; only head and tail accept an integer arg
possible-int-arg (or (when (and (not (empty? args))
(or (= "head" next-cmd)
(= "tail" next-cmd)))
(read-string (first args)))
(condp = next-cmd
"count" (str (h/count-entities chat-source extra-where))
"head" (h/head chat-source possible-int-arg extra-where)
"tail" (h/tail chat-source possible-int-arg extra-where)
"random" (h/random chat-source extra-where)
"grep" (h/grep chat-source (join " " args) extra-where)
:else nil
;; `history` can look ahead at next command to see if there's a head/tail, count
;; or grep or possibly another collection operation so it can consume that
;; command and push it down into the database instead of obtaining all history
;; then performing operations on it in memory. If no search operation is
;; provided, history will return only the latest 30 results.
(defn history-cmd
"history [<yetibot-history>] # show chat history.
<yetibot-history> is optional. If unspecified all history is included.
If <yetibot-history> is true, only Yetibot output is included.
If <yetibot-history> is false, only non-Yetibot output is included."
{:yb/cat #{:util}}
[{:keys [match chat-source next-cmds skip-next-n]}]
(info "history-cmd match" (pr-str match))
;; for now, only look at the first item from `next-cmds`. eventually we may
;; support some sort of query combinator that could calculate query for
;; multiple steps, like: history | head 30 | grep foo | count
(let [
;; figure out how many commands to consume
skip-n (count (take-while should-consume-cmd? (take 1 next-cmds)))
extra-where (if (blank? match)
{:is-yetibot (= "true" match)})
next-commands (take 1 next-cmds)
history (if (> skip-n 0)
(reset! skip-next-n skip-n)
(history-for-cmd-sequence next-commands
;; default to last 30 items if there were no filters
30 (h/history-for-chat-source chat-source extra-where)))]
;; format
(if (= (first next-commands) "count")
;; count doesn't need any formatting since it's just a raw number
;; everything else needs to be formatted for display
{:result/value (h/format-all history)
:result/data history}
(cmd-hook #"history"
#"^true$" history-cmd
#"^false$" history-cmd
#"^$" history-cmd)