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Fixup shellcheck linting issues

Ref #607
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devth committed Jan 6, 2017
1 parent 00df6a6 commit 31d28a690ac01a70acb6be1e1d6d81496959cd64
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@@ -13,16 +13,16 @@ set -ev
lein docker push
# check to see if it's a release version
version=`lein version`
echo $version
version=$(lein version)
echo "$version"
if [[ "$version" =~ "SNAPSHOT" ]]; then
if [[ "$version" =~ SNAPSHOT ]]; then
echo "Snapshot version, tagging docker snapshot and pushing..."
docker tag devth/yetibot:$version devth/yetibot:snapshot
docker tag devth/yetibot:"$version" devth/yetibot:snapshot
docker push devth/yetibot:snapshot
echo "Release version, tagging docker latest and pushing..."
docker tag devth/yetibot:$version devth/yetibot:latest
docker tag devth/yetibot:"$version" devth/yetibot:latest
docker push devth/yetibot:latest

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