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JavaScript Toolkit
Version 1.1.0-s.1, January 1st, 2013
I. About
II. Getting Started
III. License
IV. Credits
V. Version History
I. About
BlazeGears is a small JavaScript library, which aims to ease the development
of modern websites and address some of the shortcomings of the language.
The library's main features are:
- Class declaration,
- HTML templating,
- date and number formatting,
- managing variables stored in URLs,
- form generation and validation,
- pagination management,
- and XML request management.
It's known to work in Chrome, Firefox 2+, and Internet Explorer 6+.
II. Getting Started
All the files that are required to use BlazeGears can be found in the
"Modules" directory. The first file that must be included is
"BlazeGears.js", which contains the most essentials functions that will be
required by the other classes.
The second file that's supposed to be included is "BlazeGears.BaseClass.js",
which is the superclass for all the standard BlazeGears classes. However, if
you're not planning to use any of these classes, the BaseClass can be
omitted as well.
After this, the rest of the classes can be included as well. Please note
that the classes won't automatically include their superclasses or
dependencies, since JavaScript doesn't provide a proper way to do this. The
superclasses and the dependencies are listed in the documentation.
The style sheet and template files are not required to be included at all.
These files are only provided as a reference for customization, their
compressed content is already present in the JavaScript files.
A selection of basic examples is bundled with BlazeGears, each showcasing
the use of a feature. These examples are included in the documentation and
are available in plain text format, too.
III. License
BlazeGears is licensed under the zlib/libpng license. The full license text
is available at:
IV. Credits
BlazeGears was designed and coded by Gabor Soos.
Appreciation and many thanks go to the following people:
- Marcel Hellkamp, the creator of the BottlePy Framework and its Simple
Template (, which was the main inspiration for the
BlazeGears Templating Language.
- Justin Tulloss, the programmer behind the Cobra Library
(, which highly influenced the
development of my own class declaration interface.
- Greg Valure, the developer of Natural Docs (,
who made it possible to present my horrible documentation in such a neat
V. Version History
- Version 1.1.0-s.1, January 1st, 2013
- Made a mistake in the change log of the previous version, the method
that supersedes the BlazeGears.BGTL.parse method is called
compileTemplate, not parseTemplate.
- Version 1.1.0-s, December 31st, 2012
- Superseded the BlazeGears.cloneArray function with the
BlazeGears.cloneObject alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.escape function with the BlazeGears.escapeHtml
- Superseded the BlazeGears.generateFlash function with the
BlazeGears.renderFlash alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.getEntity function with the
BlazeGears.getEntityValue alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.isObject function with the
BlazeGears.isAnonymousObject alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.updateEntity function with the
BlazeGears.setEntityValue alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.BGTL.parse method with the
BlazeGears.BGTL.compileTemplate alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.Form.generate method with the
BlazeGears.Form.render alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.FragVars.getFragVars method with the
BlazeGears.FragVars.getFragVarValues alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.FragVars.setFragVars method with the
BlazeGears.FragVars.setFragVarValues alias.
- Superseded the BlazeGears.Paginator.generate method with the
BlazeGears.Paginator.render alias.
- Deprecated the BlazeGears.Class function.
- Deprecated the BlazeGears.Singleton function.
- Added the BlazeGears.isBoolean method, which determines if a variable is
a boolean.
- Added the BlazeGears.BGTL.TemplateInterface class, which is used for
documenting the members of the parsed templates.
- Added the BlazeGears.Classes namespace, which supersedes the class
declaring functionality of the BlazeGears namespace.
- Added the BlazeGears.Classes.ClassInterface and
BlazeGears.Classes.SingletonInterface classes, which are used for
documenting the default members available for declared classes.
- Added the BlazeGears.Formats.enableUTCTime method, which can be used to
switch between the UTC and local time zone.
- Fixed the bug where the BlazeGears.isInArray method would incorrectly
handle the recursive searches.
- Fixed the bug where the variable type determining functions would return
an incorrect result if the variable's constructor included the sought
object's name.
- Fixed the bug where constructing the first FragVars object anytime other
than during page loading would break the page.
- Fixed the bug where mixing the order of regular and static members
during class declaration would delete some members.
- Fixed the bug where the padding and casing modifiers wouldn't work on
some Unix date format specifiers.
- Fixed the bug where the Unix century specifiers would generate a
different value than the date command.
- Fixed the bug where the %c Unix date format specifier would use the
incorrect padding character.
- Moved the BlazeGears.Form.Field, BlazeGears.Form.Option, and
BlazeGears.FragVars.FragVar classes to their own separate files.
- Removed some variables accidentally introduced into the global scope.
- Removed most of the eval'd functionality, so the code can be minified
using some more aggressive compilation methods.
- The main features of library are now unit tested.
- Version 1.0.3-s, July 21st, 2012
- Reverted the fix made to the BlazeGears.createEntity function in the
previous release, because the original functionality was correct.
- Fixed the bug where the static version of the BlazeGears.Class.__super__
method wouldn't do anything, when it can't find the sought method. Now
it will throw an error in such a case.
- Version 1.0.2-s, July 17th, 2012
- Fixed the bug where the BlazeGears.Class.__super__ method wouldn't do
anything, when it can't find the sought method. Now it will throw an
error in such a case.
- Fixed the bug where the BlazeGears.createEntity method wouldn't do
anything, if the suggested entity ID was already in use. Now it will
throw an error in such a case.
- Version 1.0.1-s.1, February 3rd, 2012
- Updated the readme and license files.
- Version 1.0.1-s, January 29th, 2012
- Fixed the declaration of BlazeGears.Formats, which is now a singleton.
- Fixed the bug where declaring an instance and a static member of the
same name would let them coexist, instead of overwriting the prior
- Fixed the bug where the BlazeGears.Class.__super__ method would never
return anything.
- Version 1.0.0-s, August 29th, 2011
- The first public release.