Generate typical typing errors for any given string
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Humans make a lot of typos. This software tries to behave as human as possible in this aspect.

Typo Generators


  • Keyboard Mishit – Typicak keyboard mishits based on QUERTY and QUERTZ keyboard layouts
  • Double Characters – Hittingg a character twice
  • Missing Characters – Nt hitting a character
  • Mixing Characters – Mixign up two neighbouring characters


  • Sausage Fingers - Typicakl second keys accidentially pressed when hitting between keys
  • Character Shift - Hittgin a character two positions too soon or too late
  • Character Flip - Mixgni two characters by two positions


npm install typojs


var typo = require("typojs");

typo(string, extended, callback(typos))

  • string is a String you want to get typos for
  • extended generates more, less common typos (optional)
  • callback is a callback method with all generated typos as first argument (optional)

If no callback method is specified, the generated typos will be returned instead.


var typo = require("typojs");

/* with callback */
typo("Whatever", true, function(typos){

/* without callback */
console.log(typo("Whatever", true));


This software is dedicated to my dear friend, the Imperator of Cucumbers, who makes a lot of typos.


TypoJS is Unlicensed Public Domain.


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