Allow your selenium suites to store automatically the screenshots taken for every failed test in maven target folder
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Welcome to the repository for Selenium auto screenshots for failed TestNg tests

This is an open source framework integrating TestNG, Selenium 2 and maven, giving you a possibilty to automatically store screenshots, taken for every failed test in maven target folder, for their further investigation.

It features:

  • Taking a screenshot of a failed test
  • Including the screenshot to an email sent by your CI-build.
  • Stocking taken screenshots in easy managable way

Getting started


  1. Put this jar to your classpath and annotate your class with special annotation (see below).
  2. No third-party dependencies.

How to use


  1. Adding the following maven dependency in you pom.xml file:

  2. Adding next annotation: @org.testng.annotations.Listeners(org.yev.selenium.testng.FailTestScreenshotListener.class) to your TestNG Selenium class:

    listener example

  3. Subsequently the plugin will find by reflection the **WebDriver instance** you are using and will do the rest for you.


-- After running your TestNg selenium tests with Maven, you will find for each failed test the screenshot which was taken automatically when this particular test failed.

maven target dir example

Integration with Jenkins build

-- It could be very useful to get the screenshot of failed test directly with email alert notification sent by Jenkins, when build becomes unstable.

For our example case the jenkins config will be following:

jenkins conf example