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A Node.js Shopify helper library


To install via npm:

npm install shopify



All API usage happens through Shopify applications, created by either shop owners for their own shops, or by Shopify Partners for use by other shop owners:

  • Shop owners can create applications for themselves through their own admin (under the Apps > Manage Apps).
  • Shopify Partners create applications through their admin: http://app.shopify.com/services/partners

For more information and detailed documentation about the API visit http://api.shopify.com

Getting Started

  1. First create a new application in either the partners admin or your store admin and write down your API_KEY and SHARED_SECRET.

  2. You will need to supply two parameters to the Session class before you instantiate it:

    var express = require('sys')
      , shopify = require('shopify');
    var session = new shopify.Session(
  3. For application to access a shop via the API, they first need a "token" specific to the shop, which is obtained from Shopify after the owner has granted the application access to the shop. This can be done by redirecting the shop owner to permission URL obtained as follows:

    var permission_url = session.createPermissionURL(req.query['shop']);
  4. After visiting this URL, the shop redirects the owner to a custom URL of your application where the token gets sent to (it's param name is just t) along with other parameters to ensure it was sent by Shopify. That token is used to instantiate the session so that it is ready to make calls to that particular shop.

    session.auth(req.query['shop'], req.query['t'], req.query);
    req.session.shopify = {url: session.url, token: session.token}; // save token both URL and token with the session middleware
  5. Now you can finally get the fully authorized URL for that shop. Use that URL to make request to the ShopifyAPI:

    var site_url = shopify.site();
  6. To get data from that shop you might consider one of the following libraries: