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* From Twitter API Docs, so I don't have to keep going to them. *
200 OK: everything went awesome.
304 Not Modified: there was no new data to return.
400 Bad Request: your request is invalid, and we'll return an error message that tells you why. This is the status code returned if you've exceeded the rate limit (see below).
401 Not Authorized: either you need to provide authentication credentials, or the credentials provided aren't valid.
403 Forbidden: we understand your request, but are refusing to fulfill it. An accompanying error message should explain why.
404 Not Found: either you're requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn't exist (ex: no such user).
500 Internal Server Error: we did something wrong. Please post to the group about it and the Twitter team will investigate.
502 Bad Gateway: returned if Twitter is down or being upgraded.
503 Service Unavailable: the Twitter servers are up, but are overloaded with requests. Try again later.
* Errors *
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<error>No direct message with that ID found.</error>
* Rate Limit Headers *
X-RateLimit-Limit the current limit in effect
X-RateLimit-Remaining the number of hits remaining before you are rate limited
X-RateLimit-Reset the time the current rate limiting period ends (in epoch time, number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00)