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Honest Renter API Wrapper

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Basic Objects

All supported objects have their own class. Each of these classes inherits from the BaseModel class.

It is suggested that when using this gem, you create your own wrapper class which inherits from these classes.

For example:

class Person < HonestRenter::Person


All models in the honest_renter gem respond to the to_h method. This method iterates over a model's attributes and returns a Hash.


Two authentication methods exist. An authenticated Session object must be present for each remote HonestRenter API call.

For more information, check out the official authentication documentation

Each of the two authentication methods are initialized via the HonestRenter::Authenticator factory methods:

Address and Password

To authenticate via an (email) address and password, use the .from_address_and_password class method.

auth = HonestRenter::Authenticator.from_address_and_password(
# => AddressPasswordAuthenticator

# => HonestRenter::Session

This HonestRenter::Session object is used when calling all class level query methods (find and find_all, etc)

Secret Key

To authenticate using a SecretKey and MemberId, the aptly named .from_secret_key_member_id class method can be used.

auth = HonestRenter::Authenticator.from_secret_key_member_id(
# => AddressPasswordAuthenticator

# => HonestRenter::Session


All Honest Renter requests require an API key. To have this gem automatically use your API key, the environment variable HONEST_RENTER_API_KEY should be set.

Request Methods

The HonestRenter API supports querying for objects by their ID or by a set of filters. All querying operations require an authenticated HonestRenter::Session.


To find a specific object by its identifier, simply call the .find class method on the object or your application's inherited version of that object:

HonestRenter::Member.find('some_member_id', session)

The session variable can be a session created by either the HonestRenter::AddressPasswordAuthenticator or the HonestRenter::SecretKeyMemberIdAuthenticator.

The model will automatically return an instance of the class upon with the .find method was called with its attributes filled.


To find a complete list of a certain model, the .find_all class method exists. This method has 1 required parameter and 2 optional parameters.

Note: Not all models are able to issue a find_all request. Unsupported models will throw an Unrequestable::Unsupported error.

Like the .find method, a session is the required parameter.


Optionally, a limit and offset can be given to the .find_all method to enable pagination.

limit = 10
offset = 5
HonestRenter::Country.find_all(session, limit, offset)


To find a list of a certain model that matches a set of passed in filters, the .find_all_by_filters class method exists. This method has 2 required parameters and 2 optional parameters.

The first required parameter is an Array or other enumerable structure containing Filters. Like the .find method, a session is the other required parameter.

An HonestRenter::Filter is a simple class that accepts two parameters, a key and a value. The key is the field on which to filter.

filters = [, 'Ted')]
HonestRenter::Pet.find_all_by_filter(filters, session)

Optionally, a limit and offset can be given to the .find_all_by_filters method to enable pagination.

limit = 10
offset = 5
filters = [ 'Ted')]
HonestRenter::Pet.find_all_by_filter(filters, session, limit, offset)

More Information

For more information, refer to the Official Honest Renter API Docs