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v 4.5.0 (2019-11-05)

  • feat: Zookeeper 3.5.6. Pull request 226
  • fix: Rollback for Windows client (3.4.14). This is the motivation for bumping the Minor version. Pull request 226

v 4.4.2 (2019-09-21)

  • fix: too many close events emitted from the client caused by ZNOTHING socket responses. Pull request 221
  • fix: remove duplicate parameter definitions

v 4.4.1 (2019-08-22)

  • fix: include ZooKeeper source code, instead of downloading on install, pull request 219
  • feat: Integration tests in Docker, pull request 218 by @jbienkowski
  • feat: less verbose Windows builds, pull request 217
  • fix: GCC build errors, pull request 215
  • feat: move constants to a separate file, pull request 212 by @jbienkowski

v 4.4.0 (2019-08-11)

  • fix: typos in the code documentation for async get_children.
  • fix: retry download the ZooKeeper C Client if failed during npm install.
  • feature: use v3.5.5 of the ZooKeeper C Client.

v 4.3.0 (2019-07-30)

  • Refactor all JavaScript code to ECMAScript 2017 and native Promises: pull request 185 by @jbienkowski311
  • Copy instead of symlink in build process (Windows users can install without admin access): pull request 190
  • Quicker build process in Windows, without massive output or warnings: pull request 191
  • Code documentation for public API: pull request 192
  • README revision, simplified and promoting async/await enabled client: pull request 193
  • jsDoc type definitions in code documentation: pull request 196

v 4.2.0 (2019-07-16)

  • fix: Node.js 12 support
  • fix: V8 and Nan deprecation warnings
  • chore: reduce build output on Linux/Mac OS X. Pull request 183 by @jbienkowski311
  • fix: deprecated getters and setters, pull request 181 by @jbienkowski311
  • chore: pull request template, added by @jbienkowski311
  • chore: added integration test scripts

v 4.1.1 (2019-06-18)

  • feat: handle ZNOTHING return code from the ZooKeeper C library
  • fix: README typos
  • chore: added example code in the examples folder - master, workers and tasks
  • chore: run code in a linux docker container using a Dockerfile
  • chore: moved existing manual tests to the tests_integration folder
  • Merge pull request #174 from @peZhmanParsaee: delete .npmignore file
  • Merge pull request #170 from @arpitsingh94: Added documentation for "connect" function
  • Merge pull request #164 from @luc-boussant: Update issue templates
  • Merge pull request #163 from @tabbartley: Add CODE-OF-CONDUCT

v 4.0.3 (2019-04-25)

  • chore: added unit tests, mostly asserting the public API.
  • chore: added ESLint and the Airbnb JavaScript style guide.
  • chore: added .editorconfig

v 4.0.2 (2019-04-13)

v 4.0.1 (2019-03-10)

  • Added docs: changelog, contributing to the project, fixed typos and missing info in the readme file.

v 4.0.0 (2019-03-02)

  • Added Windows support! A long awaited issue finally solved.
  • BREAKING: dropped support for Node.js versions older than version 8.
  • node-zookeeper now uses SemVer for versioning.

Read details about the release here: Windows support

v 3.4.9-4 (2019-01-16)

  • Fixed npm install fails when using Node version 10.

Details about the release here: Node.js 10 support

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