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This project is a book. Get the paper version at Spartacus-IDH.

This book is a collection of tutorials and exercises given at MINES Saint-Etienne as part of the Master’s Degree in Science and Executive Engineering ("Ingénieur Civil des Mines -- ICM"). In recent years, project-based learning has been used to illustrate theoretical concepts with real and concrete applications.

Whether you are in the early years of your university studies, in preparatory classes for the French Grandes Ecoles or in an engineering school, or even as a teacher, this book is made for you. You will find a large number of tutorials, classified by field, to familiarize yourself with the theoretical concepts of image processing and analysis.

To have a quick look at the books, just click on PYTHON or MATLAB.

You can execute the python scripts on binder: Binder

The tutorials are organized in folders that correspond to actual classes at Mines Saint-Etienne:

  • TB_image is 2nd year (Master 1) introduction to image processing

  • TB_IPR is 3rd year (Master 2) introduction to Image and Pattern Recognition

  • MASTER is another Master 2 class.

  • unused tutorials are tutorials in construction or not actually used in a class

  • utils contains utilities for latex, mainly

Each folder contains the LaTeX source of the book, and MATLAB and PYTHON propositions of corrections.

Warning: corrections may contain errors. Feel free to modify and share your work.

Practicing online

Register for free to the online course at coursera if you need video introduction and interactive advices.