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This is an implementation of Shearlet Transform (ST) for light field reconstruction using TensorFlow.
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This is an implementation of Shearlet Transform (ST) [1, 2] for light field reconstruction using TensorFlow. If you find this code useful in your research, please consider citing [1, 2] and

Author = {Gao, Yuan and Koch, Reinhard and Bregovic, Robert and Gotchev, Atanas},
Title = {Light Field Reconstruction Using Shearlet Transform in TensorFlow},
Booktitle = {ICME Workshops},
Year = {2019}

This code was tested on an Ubuntu 18.04 system using Tensorflow 1.13.1. Here is the associated poster presented at ICME 2019 Demo/Expo.


ST is designed for reconstructing a Densely-Sampled Light Field (DSLF) from a Sparsely-Sampled Light Field (SSLF). It typically consists of pre-shearing, shearlet system construction, sparsity regularization and post-shearing. This TensorFlow implementation of ST focuses on sparsity regularization, which is composed of analysis transform, hard thresholding, synthesis transform and double overrelaxation. A dataflow graph of these four components are illustrated as below:

alt text

A demo video of iterative sparse regularization with 30 iterations is shown as below:


Getting started

Python requirements

conda install tensorflow-gpu
conda install -c conda-forge opencv

Prepare datasets

Prepare the pre-sheared sparsely-sampled Epipolar-Plane Images (EPIs) and masks. Put them into folders like


and name them like

0001_rgb.png, 0002_rgb.png, ...
0001_mask.png, 0002_mask.png, ...

For example, "0458_rgb.png" and "0458_mask.png" are presented as follows:

alt text

alt text

Sparsity Regularization

python --validate_path=./data/ssepi/ --save_path=./data/rec_dsepi --batch_size=4 --tensorboard_path=./tensorboard --shearlet_system_path=./model

The reconstructed EPI corresponding to "0458_rgb.png" is presented as follows:

alt text

Note that the shearlet system for the pre-sheared sparsely-sampled EPIs should be prepared in advance. It is placed in the folder "./model" by default. How to generate a specially-tailored shearlet system can be found in this repository.


The visualization of the pipline of ST is performed using TensorBoard:

tensorboard --logdir=./tensorboard

Then visit


The dataflow graph is like

alt text

Intermediate results are like

alt text


[1] S. Vagharshakyan, R. Bregovic, and A. Gotchev, “Light field reconstruction using shearlet transform,” IEEE TPAMI, vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 133–147, 2018.

[2] S. Vagharshakyan, R. Bregovic, and A. Gotchev, “Accelerated shearlet-domain light field reconstruction,” IEEE J-STSP, vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 1082–1091, 2017.

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