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Tor hidden service peers

It's recommended that peers use Tor's LongLivedPorts (21, 22, 706, 1863, 5050, 5190, 5222, 5223, 6523, 6667, 6697 and 8300 at the time of writing) to increase node's availability.

Add connection strings from the below list to the Peers: [] section of your Yggdrasil configuration file to peer with these nodes.

Note that the following assumes Tor is running locally and listening on the default localhost:9050.

  • HS3 (TCP-only, Hidden Service, v3), operated by Jeff

    • socks://localhost:9050/ruoqfb5l2n55x62gu4qsooqm6yamnkjnbqmr6xbxppkxbccgyvioc3ad.onion:5050
  • HS3 (TCP-only, Hidden Service, v3), operated by cathugger

    • socks://localhost:9050/yggnekkmyitzepgl5ltdl277y5wdg36n4pc45sualo3yesm3usnuwyad.onion:1863
  • HS3 (TCP-only, Hidden Service, v3), operated by Mikaela on behalf of Pirate Party Finland (Tor Metrics)

    • "socks://"
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