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@neilalexander neilalexander released this Aug 21, 2019


  • Yggdrasil can now send multiple packets from the switch at once, which results in improved throughput with smaller packets or lower MTUs
  • Performance has been slightly improved by not allocating cancellations where not necessary
  • Crypto-key routing options have been renamed for clarity
    • IPv4Sources is now named IPv4LocalSubnets
    • IPv6Sources is now named IPv6LocalSubnets
    • IPv4Destinations is now named IPv4RemoteSubnets
    • IPv6Destinations is now named IPv6RemoteSubnets
    • The old option names will continue to be accepted by the configuration parser for now but may not be indefinitely
  • When presented with multiple paths between two nodes, the switch now prefers the most recently used port when possible instead of the least recently used, helping to reduce packet reordering
  • New nonce tracking should help to reduce the number of packets dropped as a result of multiple/aggregate paths or congestion control in the switch


  • Security vulnerability: Address verification was not strict enough, which could result in a malicious session sending traffic with unexpected or spoofed source or destination addresses which Yggdrasil could fail to reject
    • Versions 0.3.6 and 0.3.7 are vulnerable - users of these versions should upgrade as soon as possible
    • Versions 0.3.5 and earlier are not affected
  • A deadlock was fixed in the session code which could result in Yggdrasil failing to pass traffic after some time
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