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A WPF TreeView control with support for multiple selection.

See for further information.

MultiSelectTreeView is a .NET/WPF control that displays a hierarchical tree of items that can be browsed, selected, collapsed and edited like in a normal tree control. This control overcomes some of the limitations that the TreeView control included in WPF has. Most prominently, it adds multiple selection and is easier to style in several aspects. It features the Windows 7 Aero theme very closely and adapts to other Windows themes (Luna, Royale, Classic, Aero2).

The code is based on the TreeViewEx project on CodePlex ( and released under the MIT licence. I picked up the code and made several enhancements and bug fixes to make it a more robust and complete solution.

The current development status is considered usable, there are no known major bugs or missing parts that need to be fixed. The included test cases are outdated and likely won't work anymore. To play with the control and its features, you can run the Demo application from the solution.

You can also install this package from NuGet: