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                     OCaml-MySQL -- MySQL access for OCaml

                             Based on a release by:
                                  Shawn Wagner
                             Based on a release by:
                                Christian Lindig

  ocaml-mysql is a package for OCaml that provides access to mysql
databases. It consists of low-level C bindings to libmysqlclient and a
module Mysql intended for application development.

1  Building

  Compiling this package from sources requires the following software to
be installed on your system:

 1. ocaml 3.09 or above.
 2. findlib
 3. The mysql client library and header files.
 4. An ANSI C compiler like gcc.

  A configure script is provided which should help to find the
particular files. In case configure fails, edit the setting in the
config file directly. This also applies when the C compiler fails to
find some include file. However, you should first try the obvious:

                    % ./configure
                    % make
                    % make opt
                    % make install

  This creates the mysql libraries.

1'  Building on windows

  Compiling this package from sources requires the following software to be
installed on your system:

 1. ocaml 3.11 or above with accompanying C compiler setup (msvc or mingw)
 2. findlib
 3. MySQL Connector/C <>
 4. GNU Make

  ocaml/msvc :

  Copy Makefile.msvc to Makefile and edit MYSQL_DIR variable to point to the root
of installed MySQL Connector/C distribution. Afterwards run `make` to build mysql library,
`make demos` to compile examples and `make install` to install with ocamlfind.


  Some mingw reimp versions can't process libmysql.lib import library.
In such cases try to rename this file into "$M/lib/libmysql.a" without
any processing by reimp.

$ export P="c:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Connector C 6.0.2"
$ export M="c:/mingw"
$ cp "$P/lib/opt/libmysql.lib" "$M/lib/"
$ (cd "$M/lib" && reimp libmysql.lib && mv liblibmysql.a libmysql.a)
$ CPPFLAGS="-I$P/include" ./configure
$ make all opt demos

2  Troubleshooting

  If compilation fails this is most probably because include or library
files were not found. The configure looks in a number of places but may
fail to find the files on your system. In case you have GNU Autoconf
installed you can take a look at the and add more
directories to search:

                AC_CHECKING(for MySQL header files)

  Do not forget to create a new configure script by invoking autoconf.
Please send a patch back to the author.

3. Documentation

  Check the interface files, or doc/mysql/html/index.html (generated with `make htdoc`).
  Reading the mysql documentation should help, too.
  Two small demos are available. Build them with `make demos`.

  Note: The library can be used in multithreaded ocaml programs without
  blocking threads during i/o with the database server.
  Since MySQL 5.5 it is safe to share database handle between threads in most scenarios, see

4  Copying

  You are encouraged to distribute this code under the terms of the
  Lesser GNU Public License. See the file COPYING for details.

5. Authors

  Previous maintainers:
    Christian Lindig
    Shawn Wagner

  Current maintainer:
    ygrek <>