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ocurl - OCaml libcurl bindings

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OCaml bindings to libcurl - client-side URL transfer library, supporting HTTP and a multitude of other network protocols. This is a continuation of ocurl project by Lars Nilsson, previously hosted at

Minimum supported libcurl version : 7.28.0

Building on Windows with ocaml/msvc



Edit Makefile.msvc and make CURLDIR variable point to the root directory of libcurl installation. Copy to config.h.

Compile with make -f Makefile.msvc. Install with make -f Makefile.msvc install. Compile examples with make -f Makefile.msvc examples.

Making release

  • Update CHANGES.txt
  • Update version in
  • autoreconf
  • commit
  • ./configure && make release

ygrek at autistici dot org