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-- Searchlight is currently being built against Views 3.x-alpha3. There is a
- small API change in Views 3.x-dev that **breaks** Searchlight. Once the next
- 3.x tag is out, we will update the Searchlight API to work with the new
- release.
Searchlight is a refactored version of the early experiment [sphinx_views][1],
@@ -25,7 +17,7 @@ goals that set it apart:
- Each Drupal site should be able to define its own schema and index
configuration. We're Views-centric, not node-centric, so anything that has
- been properly exposed to Views should be fair game.
+ been properly exposed to Views is fair game.
- We think there is a lot of common ground between good search solutions, enough
so that there can be a lot of shared interface points. We want search backends
to be as swappable as possible, to the point where you can take a site that's

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