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@yhatt yhatt released this Oct 8, 2016

I'm sorry to have took a very long time until this release. I must thank to too many feedback from user.


  • New syntaxes
    • Background image: ![bg](image.png)
      • Supports option: ![bg original] ![bg fit] ![bg *%]
    • Math formula rendering: $c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}$ #22
      • Supports inline ($) and block ($$)
    • Footer directive: <!-- footer: Footer text -->
    • Prerender directive: <!-- prerender: true -->
      • Prevent to bring issue while exporting PDF
  • Internationalization editor / theme
    • Use system font as default #93
    • Add configuration ability of editor font and size #75
  • Improve emoji rendering #92
    • Rendering without network access
    • Exporting by high resolution
  • Add File > Reopen with encoding to deal encoding issue #53
  • Update Electron to 1.4.3.
    • Improve stability in exporting PDF from very large markdown
  • Fix image path that is contained space and inserted by D&D #97
  • Fix Gaia theme's centered heading with custom styling #40
  • Improve relative path support #49
For developers

Please check out Roadmap to Marp 1.0.0.

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