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Fast Workflow in Laravel With Repository Pattern Generators

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This Laravel package provides a variety of generators to speed up your development process. These generators include:

  • snowman:baserepo
  • snowman:baserepointerface
  • snowman:model
  • snowman:presenter
  • snowman:repo
  • snowman:repointerface
  • snowman:reposerviceprovider
  • snowman:resource
  • snowman:scaffold


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Laravel 4.2


Begin by installing this package through Composer. Edit your project's composer.json file to require yhbyun/snowman.

"require-dev": {
	"yhbyun/snowman": "dev-master"

Next, update Composer from the Terminal:

composer update --dev

Once this operation completes, the final step is to add the service provider. Open app/config/app.php, and add a new item to the providers array.


That's it! You're all set to go. Run the artisan command from the Terminal to see the new snowman commands.

php artisan



The snowman:scaffold command will do a number of things for you:

  • Generate a application folder
  • Generate a base repository
  • Generate a base repository interface
  • Generate a repository service provider


php artisan snowman:scaffold acme

This single command will give you boilerplate for:

  • Application Folder

    • app/Acme
    • app/Acme/Presenters
    • app/Acme/Providers
    • app/Acme/Repos
    • app/Acme/Repos/Eloquent
  • app/Acme/Providers/RepoServiceProvider.php

  • app/Acme/Repos/BaseRepoInterface.php

  • app/Acme/Repos/Eloquent/BaseRepo.php


The snowman:resource command will do a number of things for you:

  • Generate a model
  • Generate a model repository
  • Generate a model repository interface
  • Generate a model presenter
  • Add binding in RepoServiceProvider.php


php artisan snowman:resource acme post

This single command will do the following work:

  • app/Acme/Presenters/PostPresenter.php
  • app/Acme/Providers/RepoServiceProvider.php : add binding
  • app/Acme/Repos/PostRepoInterface.php
  • app/Acme/Repos/Eloquent/PostRepo.php
  • app/Acme/Post.php


You may want to modify your templates - how the generated files are formatted. To allow for this, you need to publish the templates that, behind the scenes, the generators will reference.

php artisan snowman:publish-templates

This will copy all templates to your app/templates directory. You can modify these however you wish to fit your desired formatting. If you'd prefer a different directory:

php artisan snowman:publish-templates --path=app/foo/bar/templates

When you run the snowman:publish-templates command, it will also publish the configuration to app/config/packages/yhbyun/snowman/config/config.php. This file will look somewhat like:


return [

    | Where the templates for the generators are stored...
    'model_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/model.txt',
    'repo_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/repo.txt',
    'repo_interface_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/repo_interface.txt',
    'baserepo_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/baserepo.txt',
    'baserepo_interface_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/baserepo_interface.txt',
    'presenter_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/presenter.txt',
    'reposerviceprovider_template_path' => '/Users/yhbyun/my-project/app/templates/reposerviceprovider.txt',

    | Where the generated files will be saved...

    'target_parant_path'	=> app_path(),

Also, while you're in this file, note that you can also update the default target directory for each generator.

Laravel 4 Generators

This package is based upon a Jeffrey Way's generators, which is an indispensable packgage in Laravel.


Laravel Respository Pattern Generaotr



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