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Drag & drop hierarchical list with mouse and touch compatibility (jQuery plugin)
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Drag & drop hierarchical list with mouse and touch compatibility (jQuery / Zepto plugin)

Try Nestable Demo


Write your nested HTML lists like so:

<div class="dd">
    <ol class="dd-list">
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="1">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 1</div>
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="2">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 2</div>
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="3">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 3</div>
            <ol class="dd-list">
                <li class="dd-item" data-id="4">
                    <div class="dd-handle">Item 4</div>
                <li class="dd-item" data-id="5">
                    <div class="dd-handle">Item 5</div>

Then activate with jQuery like so:

$('.dd').nestable({ /* config options */ });


The change event is fired when items are reordered.

$('.dd').on('change', function() {
    /* on change event */


You can get a serialised object with all data-* attributes for each item.


The serialised JSON for the example above would be:



You can change the follow options:

  • maxDepth number of levels an item can be nested (default 5)
  • group group ID to allow dragging between lists (default 0)

These advanced config options are also available:

  • listNodeName The HTML element to create for lists (default 'ol')
  • itemNodeName The HTML element to create for list items (default 'li')
  • rootClass The class of the root element .nestable() was used on (default 'dd')
  • listClass The class of all list elements (default 'dd-list')
  • itemClass The class of all list item elements (default 'dd-item')
  • dragClass The class applied to the list element that is being dragged (default 'dd-dragel')
  • handleClass The class of the content element inside each list item (default 'dd-handle')
  • collapsedClass The class applied to lists that have been collapsed (default 'dd-collapsed')
  • placeClass The class of the placeholder element (default 'dd-placeholder')
  • emptyClass The class used for empty list placeholder elements (default 'dd-empty')
  • expandBtnHTML The HTML text used to generate a list item expand button (default '<button data-action="expand">Expand></button>')
  • collapseBtnHTML The HTML text used to generate a list item collapse button (default '<button data-action="collapse">Collapse</button>')
  • dropCallback The callback method which is called when an item has been successfully moved. It has 1 argument: object with all details (default null)

dropCallback details object:

  • sourceId - id of moved element
  • destId - id of destination parent or null if element was moved directly as root
  • sourceEl - whole moved element if you want to gather additional info about it
  • destParent - whole destination parent element (if root, then it returns direct container)
  • destRoot - contains destination group where element was dropped
  • sourceRoot - contains source group where element belonged to before user started dragging it

Inspect the Nestable Demo for guidance.

Change Log

15th October 2012

  • Merge for Zepto.js support
  • Merge fix for remove/detach items

27th June 2012

  • Added maxDepth option (default to 5)
  • Added empty placeholder
  • Updated CSS class structure with options for listClass and itemClass.
  • Fixed to allow drag and drop between multiple Nestable instances (off by default).
  • Added group option to enabled the above.

Author: David Bushell @dbushell

Copyright © 2012 David Bushell | BSD & MIT license

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