An Ethereum Research Project on E-Coupon and secure value distribution gateway
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The Neon Network -- E-coupons on Blockchain


The Neon Network scaffolds a sustainable and scalable e-coupon market framework upon Ethereum network, facilitating secure value distribution gateways and non-falsifiability for e-coupons within the sophisticated networks of issuers and users. This paper presents a com- plete and generic solution to the emerging market needs of e-coupon on the blockchain, which entailed less manual costs and errors through providing non-falsifiable and non-repudiable coupon instances with the smart contract.


demo img

Tools Needed before you start

  1. bower: npm install -g bower
  2. testrpc: npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc
  3. truffle: npm install -g truffle

* Description and relevant links for these tools can be found in the **Technologies used** section


  1. After cloning the repository, install the dependencies under this directory.
    npm install
  2. Install the bower componenets
    bower install
  3. Open testrpc in another terminal to create 10 distinct accounts for testing.
  4. Compile and deploy our smart contracts:)
    truffle migrate --reset
  5. Run our web app!
    npm start
  6. Our application is running on http://localhost:8080

Additional Notes

  • This repository is created as a minimized version (excluding the unit tests, etc.) from the original repository here.
    The smart contract sorce code is deployed on rinkeby

  • Testrpc has been taken by Truffle and thus has changed its name to ganache-cli. The above command can still work with its old features but not the lastest ones. More details please refer to their GitHub repo.

  • We are using Truffle Box for bootstraping with Truffle as the fundamental framework.

Technologies used

  1. The Truffle Framework - A development framework for Ethereum with built-in smart contract compilation, deployment, and testing.
  2. Truffle Box - Helpful boilerplates with integration of web3 and webpack
  3. Web3 - API for communicating with Ethereum nodes through RPC calls
  4. Webpack - A module bundler for organizing JavaScript files for usage in a browser
  5. TestRPC - A Node.js based Ethereum client for testing and development, which gen- erates ten funded accounts for testing purposes.
  6. Solidity - Programming language for smart contracts
  7. Bootstrap3 DatePicker - A library for date and time selection
  8. Bower - Offers a generic, unopinionated solution to the problem of front-end package management


Licensed under the MIT License

🎉🎉 This is the end of README. Hope you like it:) All suggestions are welcomed, thanks!! 😉