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ECL example

Build Status


  • Node.js >= 6.9.5
  • yarn >= 0.20.3 (recommended) or npm >= 3.x.x (tested with npm 3.10.10)


# with yarn
# or if you prefer npm
npm install

Build for development

# with yarn
yarn start
# or if you prefer npm
npm start

If you don't want to use the integrated change watcher, you can also just run:

# with yarn
yarn build
# or if you prefer npm
npm run build

Build for production use

# with yarn
yarn dist
# or if you prefer npm
npm run dist


# with yarn
yarn lint
# or if you prefer npm
npm run lint

Make a new release

# with yarn
yarn release
# or if you prefer npm
npm run release

This will generate the changelog notes, update the version number in package.json and create a new tag (without pushing it).

If you're happy with what has been generated, you can now run:

git push --follow-tags origin master

Deploy the release to GitHub with Travis

First, create a GitHub token. The scopes for the token you need is public_repo or repo (if you need to access private repos). Add the RELEASE_TOKEN environment variable to your Travis project.

Then, on every new tag, a GitHub release will automatically be created.

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