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Yi -- the Haskell extensible editor
report bugs at:
* ghc 6.8.2
* Alex (the haskell lexer generator)
* for vty frontend
* latest darcs repo version.
* for gtk frontend, gtk2hs 0.9.12.
* for cocoa frontend
* latest SVN repo version of HOC:
# First you need to install libffi (unless you have leopard)
svn co
cd libffi/src
../configure --prefix=/usr/local CFLAGS=-DMACOSX
sudo make install
# Then you install the latest hoc version
svn co
cd hoc
runhaskell Setup configure --prefix=/usr/local
runhaskell Setup build
sudo runhaskell Setup install
cd Bindings
sudo bash --prefix=/usr/local
* many packages shipped with GHC or found on hackage.
see the cabal file for complete list.
* configure, compile and install yi as you would do for any other Cabal package.
NOTE: you need to use Cabal version 1.2.3. To make sure you use it, use:
ghc -package Cabal- --make Setup.hs
./Setup configure ...
NOTE: if you get
Setup.hs: Package yi-0.3 can't be built on this system.
it means that you have no UI package available. See DEPENDENCIES.
* copy examples/YiConfig.hs to ~/.yi/ and taylor to your needs
* run yi
yi --help
for a list of options.
QUICK START with cabal-make:
* To use the Makefile you need a working file you can
obtain this in one of two ways:
1 - copy config.sample to and edit as required
2 - runhaskell MkConfig.hs --help
this will show you the options available re-run with the
appropriate options, you probably at least want:
runhaskells MkConfig.hs --prefix <path-to-prefix> --user username
This will produce a config.test copy this across to
* make all
will configure, build, document and install.
You can run Yi "in place" by running:
make run-inplace
You can then try your changes dynamically by running the "reconfigE" command. (M-x
reconfigE in emacs mode)
All configuration (bindings, colours) is done with ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs
See examples directory for files that you can use as ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs.
Drop the --as=... when you have defined your YiConfig.hs
Yi is developed on Linux.
FreeBSD and OpenBSD: should be ok.
OS X: Vty Ok, Gtk should work; you can also help us debug the Cocoa frontend.
MS Windows: you can try Gtk frontend.
A porting checklist:
* you have a working GHCi
* you have either gtk or vty support
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