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-- Copyright (C) 2012 Corey O'Connor
-- | This process manages the compilation and execution of yi.
-- The management process is modeled as a state machine. The initial state is process start and the
-- final states are process termination.
module Main (main, main_) where
import Prelude hiding ( catch )
import Paths_yi
import Control.Applicative
import Control.Exception
import System.Directory
import System.Environment
import System.Exit
import System.IO
import Text.Printf
appDir :: IO FilePath
appDir = getAppUserDataDirectory "yi"
info :: HPrintfType r => String -> r
info format = hPrintf stderr format
data YiSystem where
-- Initial state. Parameterized by command line arguments.
Init :: [String] -> YiSystem
Die :: Int -> String -> YiSystem
Exit :: YiSystem
main :: IO ()
main = do
exit_code <- main_ =<< getArgs
exitWith exit_code
main_ :: [String] -> IO ExitCode
main_ args = catch (manageYiSystem $ Init args) dieFromException
dieFromException :: SomeException -> IO ExitCode
dieFromException e = manageYiSystem (Die 1 $ show e)
manageYiSystem :: YiSystem -> IO ExitCode
manageYiSystem (Die n reason) = do
info "E%d - %s" n reason
return $ ExitFailure n
manageYiSystem Exit = do
return ExitSuccess
manageYiSystem (Init args) = do
-- Examine the command line arguments to determine if any actions need to be taken before
-- booting yi proper.
user_dir_exists <- doesDirectoryExist <$> appDir
manageYiSystem Exit
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