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2004-- Yi is derived from Riot <>, written by
Tuomo Valkonen.
Yi was born on October 14th, 2004
2005-- Yi is developed by Don Stewart <>
with the help of the #haskell irc community.
2007-- Yi is heavily modified by Jean-Philippe Bernardy who takes over
its maintainance
The following people have contributed patches to Yi, in alphabetical order:
Allan Clark
Alson Kemp
Andres Loeh
Andrii Zvorygin
Bastiaan Zapf
Ben Moseley
Cale Gibbard
Corey O'Connor
Daniel McAllansmith
Don Stewart
Duncan Coutts
Fraser Wilson
Gustav Munkby
Harald Korneliussen
Henning Guenther
Jason Dagit
Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Jens Petersen
Mario Lang
Mark Wotton
Nicolas Pouillard
Paulo Tanimoto
Samuel Bronson
Shae Erisson
Simon Winwood
Spencer Janssen
Stefan O'Rear
Suleiman Souhlal
Thomas Schilling
Tim Newsham
Tuomo Valkonen
Vivian McPhail
Walter Moreira
Yang Zhang
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