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Yi -- the Haskell extensible editor
report bugs at:
* ghc 6.8.2 or above
* many packages shipped with GHC (filepath, ...)
see the cabal file for complete list.
* Alex (the haskell lexer generator)
* for vty frontend
* latest darcs repo version.
* for gtk frontend, gtk2hs 0.9.12.
* configure, compile and install yi as you would do for any other Cabal package
* copy examples/YiConfig.hs to ~/.yi/ and taylor to your needs
* run yi
yi --help
for a list of options.
QUICK START with cabal-make:
* To use the Makefile you need a working file you can
obtain this in one of two ways:
1 - copy config.sample to and edit as required
2 - runhaskell MkConfig.hs --help
this will show you the options available re-run with the
appropriate options, you probably at least want:
runhaskells MkConfig.hs --prefix <path-to-prefix> --user username
This will produce a config.test copy this across to
* make all
will configure, build, document and install.
You can run Yi "in place" by running:
make run-inplace
You can then try your changes dynamically by running the "reconfigE" command. (M-x
reconfigE in emacs mode)
All configuration (bindings, colours) is done with ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs
See examples directory for files that you can use as ~/.yi/YiConfig.hs.
Drop the --as=... when you have defined your YiConfig.hs
Yi is developed on Linux, and should be easily ported to FreeBSD and
OpenBSD. Running Gtk fronted to MS Windows should be possible.
Vty frontend should work on OSX.
A porting checklist:
* you have a working GHCi
* you have either gtk or vty support
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