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Update yi(1) man page

I'm not sure of the best way to rephrase the Copyright section. I looked at the Emacs man page Author section for a better way to do that part.
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.TH YI 1 2005-03-27 "yi version 0.1" "User Manual"
+.TH YI 1 2008-10-22 "yi version 0.1" "User Manual"
yi \- text editor extensible in Haskell
@@ -8,29 +8,48 @@ yi \- text editor extensible in Haskell
-.ds c \fIyi\fP
+.ds c \fIYi\fP
\*c is a text editor written and extensible in Haskell. Consult the html
documentation for a full description of its behaviour.
-.B \-B libdir \-\-libdir=libdir
-Path to runtime libraries
+.B \-\-selfcheck
+Run self-checks
+.B \-f frontend \-\-frontend=frontend
+Select frontend (one of vty, gtk, pango, cocoa).
+.B \-y config \-\-config\-file=config
+Specify a configuration file.
+.B \-V \-\-version
+Show version information
+.B \-h \-\-help
+Show help message.
+.B \-\-debug
+Write debug information in a log file.
.B \-l num \-\-line=num
Start on given line number
.B \-\-as=editor
Start with key bindings of given editor.
-.B \-V \-\-version
-Show version information
+.B \-\-recompile\-force
+Force recompile of custom Yi before starting.
-.B \-h \-\-help
-Show help message
+.B \-\-resume
+Resume execution of Yi from previous state.
+.B \-\-recompile
+Recompile custom Yi if required then exit.
-Bug reports, and any other feedback, should be sent to
-Don Stewart <>
+Bug reports should be posted to the Google issue tracker
+<>. Other suggestions or ideas may
+be posted to the yi-devel <> mailing list.
Copyright \(co 2004-2005 Don Stewart,
except for components derived from Riot <>,
@@ -42,6 +61,5 @@ Yi is released under the terms of the GPL.
-This manual page was written by Don Stewart, based on that of cpphs,
-written by Ian Lynagh <>.
+Yi is developed by a team of many developers, currently lead by Jean-Philippe

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