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STYLE: information on using hlint

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@@ -92,4 +92,11 @@ STYLE GUIDELINES
equivalent `const (const . foo)`. No excuses for obvious things, like not
replacing `foo a b = a` with `foo a _ = a`, though. (Or even better `foo a
_interestingName = a`, if you feel the meaning of the ignored argument should be
- reminded)
+ reminded)
+* A useful tool for checking style is the 'hlint' tool on Hackage. However, not all
+ of its suggestions should be followed (and one should check that a suggestion results
+ in clearer/better code, and compilable code, for that matter). To filter out entire categories
+ of suggestions we find objectionable, use an invocation of hlint that looks like this:
+ $ hlint --ignore='Eta reduce' --ignore="Lambda shift" --ignore="Use liftM" --ignore="Use const"
+ --ignore="Use a string literal" Yi/
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