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Add vim key maps for g* and g#. Also, add an abbreviation of the only ex command.

I have tried to run the self-checks, but they don't seem to do anything.
make test complains about a UI not having been configured and exists so
quickly that I suspect that it is not running any tests. dist/build/yi/yi --self-check opens up the editor and nothing appears to happen. Would you
explain where I'm going wrong in trying to run these?

Ben Armston

benarmston added some commits Dec 2, 2012
@benarmston benarmston g* and g# keymaps 4a9d5ab
@benarmston benarmston Add :on command as an abbreviation of :only
In Vim, :onl also works. From reading the Vim help pages, I'm not sure if this
is guarenteed. I guess that the majority of uses of this command will be in
either the form :on or :only.
@benarmston benarmston Remove compilation warning 48ff948


You might be interested in my vim2 branch, where I'm reimplementing vim bindings, but with tests this time.

As for --self-check - sadly it doesn't really test anything, it launches tests from yi/src/tests/TestSuite.hs and there are none.

@ethercrow ethercrow merged commit d7b5465 into yi-editor:master Dec 6, 2012

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default The Travis build passed

I've taken a look at your vim2 branch. It looks very impressive.

I had done some work on getting the ';' and ',' normal mode keys working, but it seems that you've already done those in vim2. I'll see what else there is that I can pick up.

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