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Vim keymaps #427

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Add vim key maps for g* and g#. Also, add an abbreviation of the only ex command.

I have tried to run the self-checks, but they don't seem to do anything.
make test complains about a UI not having been configured and exists so
quickly that I suspect that it is not running any tests. dist/build/yi/yi
opens up the editor and nothing appears to happen. Would you
explain where I'm going wrong in trying to run these?

Ben Armston

Ben Armston added some commits
Ben Armston g* and g# keymaps 4a9d5ab
Ben Armston Add :on command as an abbreviation of :only
In Vim, :onl also works. From reading the Vim help pages, I'm not sure if this
is guarenteed. I guess that the majority of uses of this command will be in
either the form :on or :only.
Ben Armston Remove compilation warning 48ff948


You might be interested in my vim2 branch, where I'm reimplementing vim bindings, but with tests this time.

As for --self-check - sadly it doesn't really test anything, it launches tests from yi/src/tests/TestSuite.hs and there are none.

@ethercrow ethercrow merged commit d7b5465 into yi-editor:master

1 check passed

Details default The Travis build passed

I've taken a look at your vim2 branch. It looks very impressive.

I had done some work on getting the ';' and ',' normal mode keys working, but it seems that you've already done those in vim2. I'll see what else there is that I can pick up.

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Commits on Dec 5, 2012
  1. g* and g# keymaps

    Ben Armston authored
  2. Add :on command as an abbreviation of :only

    Ben Armston authored
    In Vim, :onl also works. From reading the Vim help pages, I'm not sure if this
    is guarenteed. I guess that the majority of uses of this command will be in
    either the form :on or :only.
  3. Remove compilation warning

    Ben Armston authored
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Showing with 14 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +14 −7 yi/src/library/Yi/Keymap/Vim.hs
21 yi/src/library/Yi/Keymap/Vim.hs
@@ -178,6 +178,8 @@ data VimExCmd = VimExCmd { cmdNames :: [String]
type VimExCmdMap = [VimExCmd] -- very simple implementation yet
+data SearchVariety = Bounded | Unbounded
$(nameDeriveAccessors ''VimOpts $ Just.(++ "A"))
-- | The Vim keymap is divided into several parts, roughly corresponding
@@ -672,12 +674,14 @@ defKeymap = Proto template
,char 'm' ?>> setMark
,char '.' ?>>! applyViCmd cnt =<< withEditor (getA lastViCommandA)]
- searchCurrentWord :: Direction -> EditorM ()
- searchCurrentWord dir = do
+ searchCurrentWord :: SearchVariety -> Direction -> EditorM ()
+ searchCurrentWord bounded dir = do
w <- withBuffer0' $ readRegionB =<< regionOfNonEmptyB unitViWord
- viSearch (boundedPattern w) [] dir
+ viSearch (pattern bounded w) [] dir
+ pattern bounded' w = case bounded' of
+ Bounded -> boundedPattern w
+ Unbounded -> w
boundedPattern x = "\\<" ++ (regexEscapeString x) ++ "\\>"
gotoPrevTagMark :: Int -> YiM ()
@@ -743,12 +747,14 @@ defKeymap = Proto template
,([ctrlW, char 'W'], prevWinE')
,([ctrlW, char 'p'], prevWinE')
- -- these 4 commands should go to moveKeymap
+ -- these 6 commands should go to moveKeymap
-- however moveKeymap is currently confined to BufferM
,([char 'n'], const $ continueSearching id)
,([char 'N'], const $ continueSearching reverseDir)
- ,([char '*'], const $ searchCurrentWord Forward)
- ,([char '#'], const $ searchCurrentWord Backward)
+ ,([char '*'], const $ searchCurrentWord Bounded Forward)
+ ,([char '#'], const $ searchCurrentWord Bounded Backward)
+ ,(map char "g*", const $ searchCurrentWord Unbounded Forward)
+ ,(map char "g#", const $ searchCurrentWord Unbounded Backward)
-- since we don't have vertical splitting,
-- these moving can be done using next/prev.
@@ -1506,6 +1512,7 @@ exEval self cmd =
fn "u" = withBuffer' undoB
fn "undo" = withBuffer' undoB
+ fn "on" = withEditor closeOtherE
fn "only" = withEditor closeOtherE
fn "red" = withBuffer' redoB
fn "redo" = withBuffer' redoB
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