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Unblock regional restrictions for NeteaseCloudMusic on macOS/Linux. 网易云音乐macOS/Linux解除歌曲锁区限制。
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[ English follows Chinese ]





  1. Mac/Linux版网易云音乐没有内置代理接口,全局代理会使得网络通信变慢;即便使用PAC等,歌曲下载等较大流量也会变慢,并且不稳定
  2. 安全原因,请不要轻易相信商业代理服务器...
  3. 此工具最傻瓜,绿色😅


  1. 即便会员,该锁区也一样锁区,会员只是可以听网易版权歌曲
  2. 想了想还是算了,不说了





  1. 下载该repo文件夹,不要修改任何文件名
  2. pip install twisted requests pyquery --user




vim /usr/share/applications/netease-cloud-music.desktop
Exec=/bin/bash -c "unset SESSION_MANAGER && netease-cloud-music %U & cd __YOUR_PATH_TO_NeteaseMusicHelper__ && ./NeteaseMusicHelper"

* 为什么要unset SESSION_MANAGER?详见这里


  • 运行之后无效怎么办?

    • 检查是否正确安装了依赖库:python -c "import twisted; import requests; import pyquery; exit"
    • 打开:系统偏好设置 -> 网络 -> 高级 -> 代理 -> 自动代理配置 是否被勾选? 配置文件的路径是否存在?
    • 第一次使用时,请尝试反复切换刷新歌单若干次
    • 如多次尝试,请先退出网易云音乐再重启
    • 如仍然无效,请执行python NeteaseMusicProxy.py将输出贴在issue里,并标明网络环境(Wi-Fi/有线网络等)
  • 使用Python 3的话需要怎么做?

    • 确认安装了Python 3版本的上述packages(如使用pip安装则查看pip -V,等等)
    • 如果python -V提示版本在3以上,直接正常使用即可;否则, 将run_*.sh里面的python替换为你的python3



  • macOS 10.12~10.14 & NeteaseMusic Version 1.5.6~1.5.10 & python 2.7.10/3.6.5
    • 暂不支持macOS上网易云音乐2.0.0及以上版本 (#29)
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04 & NeteaseMusic Version 1.1.0 & python 2.7.15/3.6.6



见下方Inplementation details。这里只说两点:

  1. 歌单中所有歌曲都不再显示灰色,但点击部分下架歌曲(大陆也不能播放)后仍然可能提示“播放失败”。
  2. 目前对音频文件URL请求(也只有这一请求)采用的是cn-proxy提供的代理列表,缺省代理为作者的阿里云地址。


This tool helps abroad users of macOS/Linux NeteaseMusic unblock songs that are allowed to play in mainland China only.

Why general solutions like Unblock-Youku are not recommended? Because:

  1. NeteaseMusic on macOS/Linux does not provide a proxy interface, so global proxy will slow down the network traffic; Even if PAC is used, the latency and unstableness become annoying when it comes to audio stream downloading.
  2. For safety reasons, better not to trust commercial proxy servers.
  3. This tool is most lightweight and easy to use.

Thanks to a similar tool NeteaseReverseLadder on Windows and the author's blog.

Copyright: The author waives all rights, please feel free to use, share and modify this tool.



  1. Download this folder and do not change file names.
  2. pip install twisted requests pyquery --user


Enter the folder and double-click NeteaseMusicHelper to launch NeteaseMusic. See the success info and then be free to close it, enjoy your music.


Do this at the first time:
vim /usr/share/applications/netease-cloud-music.desktop
Change "Exec" variable to Exec=/bin/bash -c "unset SESSION_MANAGER && netease-cloud-music %U & cd __YOUR_PATH_TO_NeteaseMusicHelper__ && ./NeteaseMusicHelper"
Then enjoy NeteaseMusic by simply clicking its desktop icon from now on.


  • Not working?

    • Make sure packages are installed:python -c "import twisted; import requests; import pyquery; exit"
    • Navigate to:Systems Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies -> Automatic Proxy Configuration, is it checked? Does the config path exist?
    • For first launch, please switch playlists and refresh for a couple of times
    • If try again, please exit netease-cloud-music before re-launch
    • If still not working, please run python and paste the output to your issue, also report your network type (e.g. Wi-Fi/Ether)
  • What if using Python 3?

    • Make sure packages above are installed for Python 3 (e.g. by checking pip -V)
    • If python -V return version > 3, do nothing; Otherwise, replace python in run_*.sh to python3

Test Environment

Yearly-paid membership;

  • macOS 10.12~10.14 & NeteaseMusic Version 1.5.6~1.5.10 & python 2.7.10/3.6.5
    • NeteaseMusic Version 2.0.0 and above are by far not supported on macOS (#29)
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04 & NeteaseMusic Version 1.1.0 & python 2.7.15/3.6.6

Other cases are not tested and your report is welcomed.

Implementation Details

Part 1. Force NeteaseMusic to communicate with Netease servers through local proxy.


Methods that I tried:

  1. Use pfctl (package forwarding), like iptables on Linux. Not working normally & too less helpful documentations, given up.
  2. Use proxychains, a preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through proxies. It is basically a hack and hacks do not always work. Acting weired on NeteaseMusic for macOS, issue reported at #181. Remaining unsolved.
  3. Use networksetup, macOS network PAC. It works easily.


Finally I chose gsettings tool provided by GNOME for redirecting traffics because root privilege won't be needed. iptables can also do the job:

sudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d -j REDIRECT --to-ports 32794

but requires to fix redirection-modified request headers. Target parameter TPROXY instead of REDIRECT is actually built for this, however we have another problem unsolved in our case: How to let locally generated packets pass through PREROUTING chain?

Part 2. Intercept, modify and redirect requests.

See (deployed as local proxy) and (deployed as default mainland proxy).

Mainland proxy server is dynamically selected from Because those proxies can be unstable (may be refused by NeteaseMusic server), so an auto proxy selector will replace current proxy with new one or default one after a certain amount of request failures.

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