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The code in this repository is no longer in production

Bus Eta Bot the Telegram bot is still around, but is now powered by a new backend which can be found at

Bus Eta Bot

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A practical Telegram bot for getting bus etas in Singapore supporting refreshing, bus stop search and showing nearby bus stops.

Getting started

Telegram: @BusEtaBot


Get etas by bus stop code

Etas by bus stop code

Get etas by bus stop code and service

Etas by bus stop code and service

Send a location to get nearby bus stops

Looking up nearby bus stops

Search bus stops by bus stop code, description or road name

Searching bus stops

Get nearby bus stops

Location-based inline query

Send etas as inline messages

Inline message

Updating bus stop data

From the scripts directory:

# remove datamall.sqlite if it exists
# rm datamall.sqlite
./ > ../data/bus_stops.json