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-Title : README
-Author : Advocaite
+TravianZ is based on TravianX v6.0.0 with some grapich changes from ZravianX.
+I will try to make the best from this version and I will add every fix that I will found to it.
+If you found fix to somthing please give it to me.
-TravianX Brought to you by Advocaite & donn
-This clone has seen many authors allkori,dzoki,dixxie PLus many more
-the install process is fairly easy to do just make sure
-GameEngine/Config.php Dose not exsist if it dose exsist delete it
-Then run server in localhost you should be directed to a install page
-folow instructions then play and enjoy.
-thankyou for you time
+* find 'magic_quotes_gpc = Off' and replace with 'magic_quotes_gpc = On' for better options with special characters (you need to restart your appache and mysql for make this change affective)

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